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Adding a YouTube Description To Your Video

The description of your YouTube video helps the viewers and YouTube itself know what the video is about. The description in YouTube will help users to find your video when they are searching Google and YouTube! The title and the description is used as metadata (eg. Provides information about what the content is) for Google Universal Search, Youtube Search and API, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Considerations for the video description

–   5000 characters to use: Although YouTube allows up to 5000 characters in the description box for you to use, only about 160 are shown in the watch page above the ‘Show More’ button. You need to think of these 160 words as an ad that will attract viewers, so make the first few sentences as engaging and informative as possible.

–   Linking your website: Drive traffic to your website by linking your website in the video description as well as your social media channels. This is extremely important, since the video will serve as a trailer for your service or product. **Important: do not forget to always use http:// prefix before the URL, if you don’t, it will not be clickable.

–   Use a 200 – 500 word synopsis: As a rule of thumb, try and always write at least 200 words so they can be used for video SEO purposes (eg.SEO’s help increase the amount of visitors a website gets by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results). Use this space to let the viewer know what they are about to watch, give them reasons to watch the video, and let them know what to expect. Finally, do not forget to use strong “Calls to action” in the description (Whether that is going to your website, Subscribing to your channel, Signing up for a special sales or offer, etc).

Your video title: Ensure that the title of your Animated Explainer video uses specific keywords as well as strong SEO keywords pertinent to the video (this will make it easy for search engines to find it).

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