The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): “Accenture delivers more SAP solution capabilities than any other consultancy globally, with over 1,500 SAP Projects each year… SOAR is Accenture’s RISE with SAP implementation methodology. It’s today’s most advanced framework for reducing risk and the Total Cost of Ownership associated with moving to the cloud..."

The Challenge: Accenture are global leaders in their field, but they have similar competitors with large marketing budgets. Accenture wanted to differentiate from competitors by explaining the unique tools, advantages, capabilities and experience they have. The message needed to be delivered on the target market's terms - using more of THIER language and less industry jargon.

VIDEO 1: RISE with SAP. SOAR with Accenture

The message in both VIDEO 1 & 2 is highly strategic. The audience generally understand the service - so we focussed the script on differentiators that Accenture's competitors couldn't compete with.

The visuals abide by Accenture's brand style - but we added extra design and motion detail to create an X-Factor. We wanted to ensure the video stood out from competitors' videos, which tend to be very dry and "all the same".

Dani's voiceover performance is powerful and authoritative in these videos - but her performance also features enough variation to highlight the human aspect of Accenture's brand.

VIDEO 2: Accenture myConcerto

One of Accenture's biggest differentiators is their myConcerto offering.

This video focusses on explaining myConcerto, and why it makes Accenture's implementation methodology so powerful.

VIDEO 3: Accenture's Icon Integration

Accenture's SAP solutions are implement by their "Icon Integration" business arm:

Paul Roddis, Director at Accenture said: "The Visionary Team were great throughout the process and provided good clarity, structure and communication throughout the experience. A great outcome for us and easy to work with.”

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