Digital Agencies: Want to Add Animated Explainer Videos To Your List of Services? Apply For The Visionary JV Program. 

"Visionary Digital Studios is a reliable animation partner that you can trust with your clients. We'll deliver co-branded animation projects on behalf of your company and ours. We take on all of the leg work using our industry leading processes and technology. Without any extra work, you'll earn great commissons, your clients will be delighted, and the videos produced become part of your portfolio."


What If You Could Easily Offer Your Current Clients Professional Animated Videos?

Your clients want Animated Videos to explain their unique value propositon to the world. 

Video is everywhere. They are seeing them every day on their social media feeds. And they are seeing them in their competitors' marketing. 

If you don’t offer animation as a service, your clients will work with another vendor that does. That's another marketing agency that you will have to compete with.

However, you just don’t have the time to build an Animation department that will produce professional projects. 

You don’t have the staff to build out the systems and technology required to deliver premium videos which will complement the other quality deliverables you already offer.

You need an experienced animation agency. A vendor that knows what they are doing, has excellent industry experience and produces demonstrated results.  

That's where Visionary Digital Studios comes in ...


WHAT IF YOU COULD ADD Animation To Your List Of Profitable Services, Without Any Hard Work ...

The Visionary JV Program allows you to offer high quality animated videos to your clients without any effort or setup costs for you. 

The videos we produce will be added to YOUR portfolio, and YOU'LL take the credit from your clients. You’ll even make the best commissions available for each project.

More than that, you'll leverage Visionary Digital Studios' industry leading processes, templates, IP and technology to ensure every one of your clients will be delighted with their videos. So your reputation is protected.

The Visionary Team will help you with marketing and selling of the product to make sure our JV relationship is a success. Together we'll build a long term trusted relationship, offering value both ways. 

The Visionary JV Program is a WIN-WIN-WIN. You’ll be offering a new industry leading product and making great commissons. Your clients will be delighted with their Animated Videos. And The Visionary Team will have another inspired agency bringing them clients.  

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"When it comes to vision, there's some who don't get it, others who do; and then there's a special few who not only get it, they grow it. This was my experience with Visionary Digital Studios who brought substance, life, simplicity and integrity to our explainer. The difference between VDS and the rest is their rare combination of business sense, artistic skill and technical competence, allowing them to produce a perfect communication vehicle that's fit for market. A year on, the explainer remains a jewel in the crown of our site, with its strong production values and clear narrative shining through." - David Ballantyne, HomeFront Australia's CEO  

 “Passionate about their work and the results reflect that. Fantastic customer service with clear and regular updates on progress. Made the whole thing easy.” - Richard Harris, Managing Director, ADMA  


"Sanjay and the team are really professional and they deliver on their promises. A great addition to our marketing arsenal and looking forward to attracting the right prospects to our growing advisory business." - Nikolas Ahkin, Director, FBZ Advisory  

“Our experience with Visionary Digital Studios could not have been better. We needed a nice animation to go with our website and for marketing purposes of our solution and the Visionary Digital Studios team delivered the product smoothly and in a timely manner” - Mathew Kochummen, Co-Founder, Executive Eye

What Our Customers Say After Working With The Visionary Team:


Craig Doran, CEO, COMtrac said: 

"The project team at Visionary Digital Studios is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent leading to presentations to new potential clients with 7 days of the video being launched. It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think ‘That is the best value for money I have ever spent.”  

I really could not fault anything in the whole process. I have dealt with a lot of contractors and consultants for a variety of reasons but never have I had the level of service where I actually felt 100% confident in your companies abilities to meet the representations your put forward.  

Feedback from our target market has been overwhelming since day 1. The comments on the Linkedin post are a testament to the quality of the video.  

Just about every one of my competitors would benefit from your video. Yes I do mind if you contact them as I don’t want them to have quality video that I obtained from Visionary Studios. :-)”  


Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author of "Uplifting Service", and Founder of UP! Your Service:

"The team at Visionary Digital did an amazing job! We really appreciated their skills and their strategy behind every stage of the project, and their commitment to work closely with us through the scripting, animating, and subtitling phases of the project. I am absolutely impressed by the level of service we received, and recommend The Visionary Team to any other business leader."  

"The UP! Your Service explainer video is a strategic asset that will help us achieve our marketing objectives. At UP! Your Service, we work with the world’s most prominent leaders and organizations to implement our “Uplifting Service Architecture” to improve customer experience and build a stronger service culture. We wanted a short video to explain the benefits of our approach and why we are global leaders – in a way that inspires busy executives to contact our sales team." 


Rinkesh Patlekar, Marketing Manager, Right Selection said:

“Absolutely Superb….Mind Blowing……. You guys have redefined the way explainer video works and this made the process so joyful and painless that we will do everything to recommend you and your world class services to our network here in the Middle east.  

We were blown away with how scripted the whole process was – just like a clock work from strategy meet to initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations.You guys have certainly exceeded our expectations and its been a joy working with such thorough professionals.  

KUDOS to Sanjay, Abby & the whole Visionary team.”  

Ready To Achieve Similar Results In Your Business?

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If you match at least two of the following criteria, we're interested in forming a JV with your agency:

  • You're serious about adding Animation to your service list. You're an action-taker that can make decisions about your agency.
  • You offer PREMIUM and PROFESSIONAL services to your clients already.
  • Your average revenue per client is $5000 and beyond.
  • You build excellent business relationships. You can demostrate that your clients love the work your agency does for them already. 
  • Your business has an overall vision, a purpose, a "why" ... rather than running purely for profits alone.
  • You are an established agency that competes in the market based on quality and not only on price.
  • You already have at least one potential client that we can use to start our JV relationship.


A typical Visionary Animated Explainer Video project runs for 4 - 6 weeks, depending on your clients' response time.  

First, one of our Video Strategists will run the Visionary Strategy Session with your client. You will also be welcome to attend. During the session, we deep-dive into the psychology of your client's target market, and give them insight on how to convey their message in the most OPTIMAL way possible.  

From there, our proven 6 step production process kicks in. Our team takes on all of the leg work to produce your client's video throughout the following stages of the project: Strategy, Script Writing, Voiceover recording, Scene Planning, Animation and Launch.  

At each step of the process, we’ll ask your client and you to review, approve and provide input. So by the end of the project, you and your client know exactly what you’re getting and we can GUARANTEE you get a video that you LOVE.

You will receive a commission on each project, as a "Consulting Fee" for your involvement in the project. We'll deliver the project using Visionary Digital Studios' email accounts and tech platforms, however we will include your logo on our reporting, and keep you in the loop throughout the project. Your clients will experience the project a "co-branded" service.


How does the commission structure work? 

50% of your commission is paid at the start of the project, and 50% at the end. Our commissions are industry leading, and calculated as a percentage of the sale price. We can provide an exact rate over the phone.

Do I need to be involved in the project?

It's up to you. We can handle everything, includ the sales process, on behalf of your agency and ours. However, we do recommend that you or someone from your team stays in the loop via email CC, so that your client knows that you are involved.

Can I refer leads that aren't my current clients? 

Yes! In this case, we will run the lead through our sales process. We'll still deliver a co-branded project to ensure the client is added to your portfolio and client list. 

Can you help me market and sell Animated Explainer Videos to my clients?

Yes! As part of your onboarding, we will provide co-branded marketing materials you can send to your clients. We will also provide a co-branded landing page which you can add to your website. You can simply send leads to us, and we will work with them through our sales process. Or you can close the sale yourself, or even bundle our product into a proposal with your other services.

Can we write our own video scripts?

Yes! However, Scripting and Strategy is the most important part of an Explainer Video project. So it's important a skilled copywriter writes the script. If your team has a copywriter, we can provide extra training specific to animated videos, and our script writers will also review the scripts your team produce.

Will you be in direct contact with my clients?

Yes, one of our Creative Managers will be their single point of contact. Our Creative Managers are skilled Video Strategists, and based in Australia. They will represent both your company and ours. We have specific processes to ensure your client experiences the project as a professional co-branded service.

Will you keep me updated throughout the project process?

Yes! Every week, you and your client will receive a co-branded Project Status Report. We will also send you monthly reports showing the status of any leads you have sent us, that are progressing through our sales process. We also have automated email alerting to advise you any time we receive a lead via your landing page.

Would my clients be better off working with Visionary directly, rather than through the JV program? 

Not necessarily. We won't charge them extra for working through the JV program. By working through the JV, they will also be able to leverage your knowledge of their business, and your trusted relationship.



Once you’re in the Visionary JV Program, it's a WIN-WIN-WIN:

  • FOR YOU: You have a new premium service offer and an additional revenue source.
  • FOR YOUR CLIENTS: They will have a powerful Animated Explainer Video that communicates the value of what they do in the most optimal way possible.
  • FOR VISIONARY: We form another strategic alliance with an agency that provides us with clients and a trusted relationship. 


“I believe that if you show people the problems and you show people the solutions, they will be moved to act.” - Bill Gates