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The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): “Today we work with some of the largest councils and universities in Australia. We also partner with technologies like AWS, Civica, TechOne and even Oracle Peoplesoft. Basically wherever parking technology is revolutionised and parking operators are looking for an advanced system … that’s where you’ll find us.”

The Challenge: Smarter City Solutions delivers cutting-edge parking technology software to councils and universities. They know their offering is industry-leading - but their competitors often have larger marketing budgets and have been established longer.

We needed to produce slick, powerful videos, launched strategically, to ensure decision-makers understand exactly why SCS technology is superior, and FEEL that SCS can be trusted.

VIDEO 1: Visionary Explainer Video: vPermit

The first Visionary Explainer Video explains the SCS vPermit solution, which is the main solution that prospects are initially interested in. Notice the cutting-edge graphic styles and strategic scripting to ensure the viewer sees SCS as an advanced solution.

VIDEO 2: Visionary Live Action Video

Once a viewer has watched the first video, we want to introduce the Smarter City Solutions sales team, and position them as authorities during the sales process.

The SCS Executive team was strategically briefed before the shoot, to ensure the optimal messages are conveyed. During the tender process, or before a sales meeting, the audience is shown this video so they understand SCS's corporate vision and passion.

This video was also designed to be shown via LinkedIn re-marketing , so that during the tender and sales process, decision-makers are seeing SCS in their newsfeed, and always have SCS at the top of mind.

VIDEO 3: Visionary Explainer Video: vCompliance

This animation explains the next SCS offering, vCompliance.

Michael Doherty, Smarter City Solutions’ Head Of Business Development said: “Working with Sanjay as team lead on our project was a pleasure and we are very pleased with the result. The process is obviously mature and very focused on achieving a successful and valuable outcome. [In particular, we loved] the staging system for the draft videos, the use of Google Sheets to collaborate and the guidance via email & Google meet.”

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