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The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "That's why, at Secure Code Warrior, we've created a cutting-edge application security training platform, designed by developers for developers."

The Challenge: Secure Code Warrior are an online company that deliver their training services all over the world. So communications at all stages - Marketing, Sales and Delivery - is optimised by using strategic, engaging videos.

The SCW platform is cutting-edge in its UX and gamification - so the videos need to look epic and keep different levels of stakeholders engaged.

Different language patterns, graphic designs and video styles have been used strategically to speak to each audience in the most powerful way possible.

VIDEO STYLE 1: Visionary Black Label Animation

The Visionary Black Label Animation simplifies the SCW value proposition for a C-Suite audience, as soon as they encounter the brand online. It's launched via the website, social media and social campaigns, and is one of the key marketing assets throughout SCW's marketing.

The focus of the video is to differentiate SCW from similar - but inferior - competitors worldwide.

Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior’s CEO, said: "Sanjay and his team have done an awesome job creating a 3 min animation for Secure Code Warrior! We basically worked together step-by-step to go from an initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations his team made. I was excited not only about the end-product but also about their working style and commitment to meet tight deadlines! So we’ve engaged them again for another couple of videos. Keep up the good work!"

VIDEO STYLE 2: Visionary Live Action Video

This video can be shown to decision-makers after they've watched the initial Visionary Explainer Video. It demonstrates SCW's deep understanding of their everyday concerns, while also positioning SCW's CEO, Pieter, as the authority in the security industry.

We've kept the video unique and cutting-edge by integrating slick Animation effects with the Live-Action cuts.

VIDEO STYLE 3: Visionary Software Demo Videos

Once prospects are inspired by the initial videos, they are now ready for an in-depth demo. In the Visionary Software Demo Videos, we tour through the functionality of the SCW platform, and use animation effects to focus the viewer's attention on key features.

A set of 15 of these videos were created for SCW's marketing team to show off the main features and make the platform FEEL real for the viewer

VIDEO STYLE 4: Visionary Bootstrap Video (Training Videos)

SCW has over 200 training modules within their platform. So we used the "Visionary Bootstrap" style to animate the training and keep it engaging for SCW's technical audience.

The Animations still look great and represent the SCW brand - but by lowering the amount of detail and Animation effects, we can produce these videos within budget and schedule. Notice that the scripts are still very strategic to ensure the right information is communicated.

This project is ongoing, with SCW's international team based in Belgium. It requires sharp project management and great online communication to deliver consistently at high standard.

VIDEO STYLE 5: Visionary Mobile App Videos

These videos were prepared for SCW's mobile app - both for iOS and Android App stores.

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