(Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "SNIPER’s patented direct to mobile marketing platform helps you create and deliver personalised messages straight to your customers’ text inbox…using visual, branded MMS messaging. Now all your messages will benefit from customers being impacted and motivated by your brand. Using SNIPER, you can expect 98% of your messages to be seen and click through rates of 60% or more!"


SNIPER have a MCPaaS (Mobile Communication Platform as a Service) platform that they know brings massive value to their target market. It’s unique compared to everything else available, and they’ve already received overwhelming responses from customers and prospects.

They needed to clearly explain the service, and communicate the real, tangible value it can bring to businesses. SNIPER didn’t want their video to be too serious – it needed to be engaging for it to reflect the excitement of the brand.

We opted for 2 videos here. The first video explains the overall product unique selling proposition. Once the decision-maker has watched this, the next video takes a more in-depth look at the new CLICK2BUY feature of the platform.

VIDEO 1: Explain The SNIPER Unique Value Proposition

VIDEO 2: Deep-dive into the CLICK2BUY feature

John Stuckey, SNIPER’s CEO said:

“We have only good things to say about our experience with Visionary Digital Studios. A very professional approach both in the process and people. We are very happy with the finished product.”

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