Capital XR Digital Strategy + LinkedIn Ads + Meta Ads Campaign + Consulting

The Challenge

Capital XR approached us as a new, young tech company, as an offshoot of their parent company, XKG. They needed to build their brand from scratch and then quickly find new sales as proof of concept, so they could get approval to scale.

As an XR Training solution, their products are quite complex. So they were having difficulty explaining exactly "what" they do to non-technical decision-makers.

In addition, the Capital XR team are very busy. So they needed a long-term partner they could trust to continually evolve their operation.

Anne Matheson, Capital XR’s Marketing Director said:

"I was not sure whether social media could deliver the leads for our very specific VR technology targeting Flying Schools. It did - more rapidly than we thought, and it delivered sales.

Visionary made it work, and gave us the knowledge and confidence to expand on what we were doing.

[We] got the right leads, [and] great technical support.

I genuinely cannot think of anything you could do different or better.


Solution Overview

The overall solution had Visionary build the following:

  • Visionary Client Avatar
  • Visionary Black Label Animation series
  • Live-Action Content Videos
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Zoho CRM automation
  • Squarespace B2B Website pages
  • Social Media Omnipotence: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Consulting: Online sales process, Digital Strategy, Staff Training
  • Ad hoc campaigns and digital requests

Results Produced

Capital XR’s current campaign (ongoing), has been yielding impressive results.

The brand which we’ve helped build virtually from near-scratch, has had four international sales directly attributable to our efforts, and several others heavily influenced by the campaign.

As of writing, Capital XR are front running several proposals, each in the six to seven-figure range, largely driven by our campaign.

Here's a snapshot of the results we are creating:

Capital XR Ad Samples:

Visionary Black Label Video production

The messaging in the video was very strategically produced to simplify Capital XR’s complex VR tech for their audience.

This video has been, and continues to be a key asset throughout all of Capital XR’s sales and marketing initiatives. We produced multiple versions of this video for them to use, and to add variety to their newsfeed.

Strategic B2B Content examples & Content Video Editing

To keep the campaign content fresh, and results ongoing, we created a variety of different content videos. Often these were shot in-house or strategised by Capital XR, then edited by Visionary.

Check out some examples below:

Visionary Mini Brand Style Guide

The Visionary Team helped Capital XR build their brand from scratch, as a strategic offshoot from their parent company XKG.

One of our deliverables was to formalise their brand style - we did this in the form of a mini style guide.

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the advertising campaigns and strategy decisions - and to ensure Capital XR attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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