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The Challenge

When Consilo approached us, they were struggling to get their marketing working as they needed. They reported the following:

  • Their current marketing was not delivering real-world business results - their marketing was just about "doing things"
  • As a result, they weren't generating enough QUALIFIED deals
  • They had no overview of KPIs and how to measure marketing progress. Their current marketing reports were very "algorithm-focused" with typical irrelevant marketing agency stats, rather than revenue-focused insights
  • They needed a team that could work independently, rather than relying on time, energy and ideas from Consilo's directors (and then requiring continuous feedback cycles to get it right)

Andy Laing, Consilo's Virtual CMO said:

"I came across VDS many years ago and had a few meetings with Sanjay. Only recently did worlds align and we got to work on a project together. It’s been a blast since day one and the results have been fantastic. We are looking forward to working on more projects with Sanjay and the team in the future."

"We’ve significantly driven up the total deal value for our primary client from sub-$10m to over $30m. No problem is too big or small for the VDS team. They get in and get the job done"

Solution Overview

The overall solution had Visionary build the following:

  • Visionary Client Avatar
  • 3 x Visionary Live-Action Video series
  • Targeted Facebook Video Ads and Instagram Video Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pipedrive CRM automation
  • Wordpress B2B Website pages
  • Social Media Omnipotence: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Consulting: Online B2B sales process, Digital Strategy
  • Adhoc campaigns and digital requests

Results Produced

Consilo's current campaign (ongoing), has been yielding impressive results. The campaign, and ad spend, has well and truly paid for itself in closed deals. But we have also generated multiple 8-figures of QUALIFIED deals in the pipeline.

Once the ads launched, Consilo also experienced all the 2nd order benefits of running a high-quality B2B campaign:

- Current customers reaching out for more work

- Great referrals coming from past clients, their network and others that are seeing their ads

- Other non-Meta marketing initiatives started working

- Opportunities for expansion, including to a new, much larger vertical

Here's a snapshot of the results we are creating from Meta Ads and Pipedrive CRM:

Consilo Meta Ads Samples:

Visionary Live-Action Videos

For the Live-Action Videos, we partnered with Consilo's on-site videographer, Storymade Media who brought the messages to life.

The messaging in the video was very strategically produced to simplify Consilo's process and differentiators for their audience. We ensured the cast presented the optimal messaging by interviewing and preparing them before the shoot.

This video continues to be a key asset throughout all of Consilo's sales and marketing initiatives. We also produced multiple shortened cuts of their videos for them to use, and to add variety to their B2B Ads.

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the advertising campaigns and strategy decisions - and to ensure Consilo attract the best possible QUALIFIED prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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