The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "Daisee - the new paradigm in conversational analytics software. Daisee seamlessly connects to your current telephony systems and transcribes and analyses 100% of calls between customers and agents."

The Challenge:

Daisee knew their software is the global leader - but if was difficult to get the message out in a way that hits - even though they have lots of contacts already. They were ready to go with social media marketing, especially on LinkedIn - but didn't have high-quality video material to launch.

The software is quite complex - a lot of tech to be simplified their non-technical decision-maker audience. So their time and energy in the sales process, having to explain their service over and over was exhausting.

Delivery Strategy:

Because Daisee is a cutting-edge software, we wanted to keep the designs fresh and engaging. But at the same time, it was important the marketing we created conveyed trust and credibility to a senior corporate audience. We chose to show off animated versions of Daisee UI throughout the videos to make the software FEEL real for the viewer.

In this project we have created:

  • 2 x Animation to explain Daisee's unique value
  • LinkedIn Ads campaign to generate tangible business leads
  • Social Media Content to push leads through the sales cycle

VIDEO 1: Visionary Explainer Video

The first video explains the service and the booking process. It makes the process FEEL easy for the client, and subtly positions Daisee as the best option available, in comparison to competitors the audience are considering.

Ann Marie Kimber, Daisee's Customer Communications & Engagement Manager said: "I was impressed with the strategic planning process of the project and as a result, the final script and finished product was excellent and very few edits were required.

Sanjay was highly professional, engaged and very experienced. Nothing was ever a problem and solutions to small edits were always quick and easy. The result was an excellent video that is fun and easily explains what we do in an engaging way. Thanks team Visionary!"

VIDEO 2: Visionary Explainer Video

The 2nd video is focused specifically on Daisee's new "Chat Analytics" feature:

Visionary Online Ads

To put the videos in front of every decision-maker in Daisee's target market and generate tangible leads, we are running LinkedIn Ads.

Notice that the video has been made vertical so it takes up more room on the newsfeed.

The Ad text is highly strategic, and one of 100s of combinations that will be tested.

Visionary Social Media

To ensure new leads are consistently educated and reminded of Daisee's value, we have produced 20 strategic social media posts that will be scheduled repeatedly across Daisee's social channels.

Notice that the text is more educational, giving value and providing thought leadership.

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the marketing campaigns and ensure they attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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