The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "DoseMeRX accurately individualises a dose for each person. How? Using clinically validated data to digitally construct a virtual model of your patient. This model is based on individual characteristics, laboratory results and in some cases, genotype."


In this project, we needed to break down the functionality of DoseMeRX to convey the power of this software platform to medical professionals, while communicating its ease of use. The message needed to be condensed, and combined with potent graphical concepts, to ensure DoseMe's professional target audience would stay engaged and resonate enough to book a demo. 

VIDEO 1: DoseMeRX Value Proposition

The first video describes the DoseMe value proposition and how it can benefit doctors in their everyday professional life.

Nicola Hunter, DoseMe's Marketing Communications Manager said: "This is our first video working with Sanjay and his team, who have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire project. They were patient while we secured internal agreement on the direction of the video and continually followed up to ensure deadlines were met. We are on a mission to change the way medicine is dosed. Visionary Digital Studios has helped us tell our story in a captivating and fun way to clearly communicate how DoseMeRx is going to help save lives."  

VIDEO 2: DoseMeRX Paediatrics

DoseMe have 2 versions of their App - one for standard doctors, and one for paediatric doctors - so 2 versions of the video were created to resonate with the problems and desires of the individual audiences.

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