Electrical Motor Knowledge Exchange (EMKE) Training Videos + LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Training Video + Digital Marketing Challenge

When Electrical Motor Knowledge Exchange came to us they already had excellent quality training content, but it was presented in outdated Powerpoint presentations. They wanted to take that content, and transform it into modern videos that effectively educated and motivated students.

The course was to be created as a completely new brand, so logos, colours, typography and video scene styles had to be designed from scratch.

Once the training videos were completed, we used LinkedIn Ads to get the course in front of decision-makers in EMKE's target market

Electrical Motor Knowledge Exchange's Director, Mike Davis said:

"Visionary were the ideal fit for my Training Videos project. I particularly liked their open communication approach and disciplined production process, as well as the transparency in the project process.

My favourite things about the training videos Visionary produce are the professional look of the content, and their way of converting rookie content into professional and engaging videos.

Visionary will be my provider of first choice for training videos in the future!"

Training Video Delivery Strategy

We started by strategically designing the brand look and feel, based on EMKE's target market, and their founder's vision.

Delivering the training in Live-Action (videos featuring Mike on camera) allows the passion and expertise of Mike to be communicated throughout the course. This also enables Mike to build a "digital relationship" with students, which carries over into the live component of the course.

The design, colours, typography and motion graphics keep the course engaging for students. Importantly, the content FEELS cutting-edge as a result of the design. We've added scene chapters, varying scene styles and sound effects to ensure the knowledge is effectively retained by students.

Visionary Training Module Samples:

Visionary LinkedIn Ads Campaign

The following LinkedIn Ads campaign was built and is currently in progress.

We initially put EMKE's ideas in front of a cold audience using this strategic Visionary Thought Leadership article. Once the audience clicks, we show them conversion-focused ads designed to turn them into tangible leads for EMKE's sales team.

This campaign is still in progress and in the initial optimising stages. But here is a snapshot of results from the most recent reporting:

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the LinkedIn Ads campaigns and design decisions - and to ensure EMKE attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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