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How To Effectively Post Your Animated Video To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often an underutilised platform for collecting leads and building a network for your business. Your Visionary Explainer Video will add a powerful impression to your company page.

For more tips on super-charging and collecting leads using LinkedIn, refer to the final chapter of this eBook …

Pro Tips for Releasing your video to LinkedIn

A few tips for releasing your video to LinkedIn:

–   When to release: If you don’t know the best time to release your video, for your audience – a general rule is to post between 5 – 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, for the most views. Refer to CoSchedule’s article for more information on optimal social media release times.

–   Ask your staff to share: Once you’ve posted your video, your staff simply need to “Like” it in their LinkedIn newsfeeds, and the video will be shared to their networks’ newsfeeds as well. This is important for getting maximum possible exposure for your video.

–   LinkedIn Posts: Everyone involved in a sales capacity, at the very least, should have the video “posted” to their LinkedIn profile. This allows prospects who connect with them to view the video. The optimal way to post a video to your personal LinkedIn profile is to navigate: Home -> Write An Article (don’t use “Share An Update” as the update won’t be permanent). When posting the video, use the Wistia “medias” link, which you can get from your Visionary Project Manager. For more information on optimising individual LinkedIn profiles, use the last chapter of this eBook.

Release To Your Company LinkedIn Page

Use the instructions below to post the video to your company’s LinkedIn page:

Release To Your Company Linkedin Page

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