ICETS Digital Strategy + Google Ads + LinkedIn Ads Campaign + HubSpot

The Challenge

When we met ICETS, they had a training product that they knew was industry-leading.

They also knew there was already demand for their courses - they just needed a way to capture the demand and generate course enrollments.

ICETS Chief Operations Officer, Nadine Seifert said:

"I am a marketing novice. The Visionary team are super helpful, offer expert advice and have patience in guiding me through and explaining the processes. [Your customer service] is really good, you are very responsive to Slack messages and emails and endeavour to get work done promptly."

Solution Overview

The overall solution had Visionary build the following:

  • Visionary Client Avatar
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • HubSpot CRM process design
  • Wordpress Website pages
  • Automation: aXcelerate Learning Management System
  • Social Content Amplification through LinkedIn
  • Consulting: HubSpot, Online sales process, Digital Strategy, Website
  • Adhoc campaigns and digital requests

Results Produced

The campaign is ongoing, but has produced excellent results from month 1:

Visionary Google Ads + LinkedIn Ads

First, we ensured that every relevant Google search shows ICETS at the top, or close to the top, of results using Google Ads. The Ads focus on what makes ICETS different, allowing us to capture significantly more clicks than competitors.

ICETS often have a long sales cycle, and we also found MANY open leads in their HubSpot. So we used LinkedIn Ads re-targeting to ensure educational Ads are seen by anyone who had touched ICETS' website, clicked a Google Ad, follows ICETS social media or has been entered into ICETS HubSpot.

We tested LITERALLY hundreds of combinations of Ads across Google and LinkedIn to continually optimise results and keep the content fresh for ICETS' audience.

ICETS Ad Samples:

HubSpot Automation

The following HubSpot automations were developed:

  • Integration with aXcelerate
  • Management reporting and dashboards
  • HubSpot connectivity with Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads so that prospects in HubSpot are continually, and automatically, nurtured
  • Workflows and automations to manage deal and contact data
  • Adhoc troubleshooting and training for ICETS team members

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the advertising campaigns and strategy decisions - and to ensure ICETS attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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