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NSW Government (PERU)


The Service (Quote from the Website copy): "Established in 1995, PERU, Research Education Network, Western Sydney Local Health District, has been at the forefront of preventative health innovation and research in Western Sydney for over two decades. Our objectives are to promote health and wellbeing for all, empower young people and to serve the community."


When we first started working with PERU, they had minimal content to explain what they do to the world. We needed to work step by step to build videos, websites, and content. PERU work with high school and university students - but they also deliver their programs for government stakeholders and high school principles. So we needed to keep their content relevant for both audiences.

Visionary Video-Powered Website

The website was kept colourful to keep to the theme of working with young people. But the text on the website is strategically designed for decision-makers in government and schools.

We've featured 2 Visionary Explainer Videos for PERU's key health programs - SALSA and Triple A.

PERU have a large collection of IP they've developed over 20 years - we've featured their research throughout various sections of the website

Kym Rizzo, PERU's Project Officer said:

"Working with Visionary Digital Studios is seamless. They always make the time, and deliver all communication in a timely manner. Love the use of your platforms to post instant feedback. A professional and forward-thinking company."

VIDEO 1: SALSA 'Simple Changes'

This Animated Video is the core content behind the PERU's "SALSA" program, which teaches healthy habits to high school students. Students watch the video, and then do activities based on what they learned.

The messaging in this video was co-designed with student leaders, who gave deep insights into the way young people think about their health and the unique challenges they face.

Visionary Social Media

Strategic Social Media content was designed for launch to all PERU's Social Media profiles. This keeps their programs at top of mind for both decision-makers and student attendees.

Bridget Foley, SALSA's Project Officer said:

“People often struggle to grasp what our work entails. The animation from Visionary Digital Studios simply conveys in 90 seconds what we have been trying to explain to others for many years. It’s awesome! This animation has been able to tell our story to young people and professionals alike. We didn’t realize the value and communication power of the video until we saw other people’s eyes light up. It is a really innovative and professional way to excite interest from others. We even gained additional funding to support our work through sharing our animation with our partners. Our involvement in the creation process was ideal – progress reviews and innovations were so easy and effective”

VIDEOS 2 - 4: SALSA and Triple A Marketing Videos

The following videos were created to market and explain PERU's programs to their multiple stakeholders and decision-makers.

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