(Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "Odbok changes the way your enterprise treats, governs and leverages your data. Our methodology and reference architecture eliminates “data chaos” by building a unified, trusted data foundation in your organisation"


Odbok is a very complex technical service. The website needed to explain the REAL value of the service in a way that technical decision-makers could understand.

The old Odbok website was outdated and didn't represent the real value Odbok brings. This was especially critical during high-profile tender contests.

Odbok needed something that made them stand out from the noise.

Odbok Video-powered Website

The first step was to complete re-create Odbok's website, so decision-makers could understand the service and trust the brand.

Some highlights of this website:

- It was vital that the website featured a video near the top, because the service is so complex and difficult to explain. Visitors get to the site, read a strategic headline/subheadline and are inspired to watch the video. From there, they are in the right mindset to consume the rest of the copy on the page.

- Odbok's customers are technically savvy, so the text on the page is reasonably technical - we were careful to mirror the audience's language patterns so that they could relate to the content.

- Scenes from Odbok's animated video were re-used throughout the website to keep everything brand consistent, and have each visitor feeling they are progressing through a journey.

Steve Miller, Odbok’s Founder said: "Our experience with Visionary Digital Studio’s has been excellent. We had a difficult concept to get across through an explainer video and then update our website to expand / continue this message. The VDS personnel made the effort to understand our message and our objectives and then converted their understanding into strong, simple messaging that our potential customers could relate to. This is what they said they would do and they did a great job of it. The quality of both the work and the project execution were excellent."

Visionary Explainer Video

We featured a video on Odbok's website, as well as throughout their Digital Marketing campaigns, to break down the complexity of their service for decision-makers:

Visionary LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Once the website and video was produced, we ran a short LinkedIn Ads campaign, specifically to get everyone in Odbok's network to watch the video. This only required a small budget, combined with highly targeted Ads.

The video was watched 1040 times by people close to Odbok:

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