Gerard Benedet, Advance Australia’s National Director said: “An awesome experience working with the Visionary Team! The video turned out perfect, and we will use it to make sure our wide audience in Australia understands the importance of our campaign. I was especially impressed by the Digital Marketing knowledge of the team – they made sure the exact right message was conveyed in the video, and have provided plenty of help on how to launch the video to our network through our Facebook and our Digital Marketing channels. Highly recommended!”

Case Study


THE CAMPAIGN (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“If Labor wins the next election, they’re going to increase the tax on your super income … over 1.1 million Australians will lose part of their retirement income … That means you, or the people you know – your parents and grandparents – will miss out on the worry-free retirement they’ve been planning… Why does Labor think that’s fair?”



Advance Australia are a high profile political organisation, who needed to get a complex financial message across to the Australian public. The concept around Franking Credits needed to be simplifed, made clear and delivered in a way that the general public would be interested to watch. The video is expected to be viewed and shared by 10s of thousands of Australian viewers – so the design needed to be modern and professional to reflect the credibility of Advance Australia.


The video uses a more modern, fun style of visuals to keep our mainstream audience engaged. Characters reflect the specific target market we are speaking to (retirees and pensioners). While the message is powerful and disruptive, we added slight elements of humour throughout to ensure the “human” side of the Advance Australia brand was communicated. The video will be launched across the website and social media, with the main amount of views expected from Advance Australia’s substantial Facebook audience.