CEO Craig Doran said:

The project team at Visionary Digital Studios is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent leading to presentations to new potential clients with 7 days of the video being launched. It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think ‘That is the best value for money I have ever spent.”

I really could not fault anything in the whole process. I have dealt with a lot of contractors and consultants for a variety of reasons but never have I had the level of service where I actually felt 100% confident in your companies abilities to meet the representations your put forward.

From day 1 of the first drafts, it was clearly apparent that your design team were brilliant and had a unique quality of being able interpret our market vision and articulate my thoughts into meaningful animations. Feedback from our target market has been overwhelming since day 1. The comments on the Linkedin post are a testament to the quality of the video.

Just about everyone one of my competitors would benefit from your video. Yes I do mind if you contact them as I don’t want them to have quality video that I obtained from Visionary Studios. :-)”

Case Study



“The COMtrac platform streamlines the investigation process.

It replaces thousands of individual investigation and evidence management practices with a consistent, strategic and proven investigation management methodology called …

‘Elementising Evidence'”



COMtrac needed a video which simplified their complex message and educated their target audience. They wanted to showcase their unique way of approaching investigations in a way that would inspire action in their niche target audience (Law enforcement, government agencies, regulatory agencies).

Because the concept is relatively new in the market, it was important that the video sub-communicated COMtrac as established and credible.

The COMtrac platform is quite technical, so it’s often difficult for their sales team to describe in a consistent way.

Especially when pitching to non-technical decision makers …

The video needed to be easy to send to prospects so they could immediately grasp the concept and relate to the language/concepts from their own perspective.

The goal was for them to watch the video, and then request more information via an in person meeting.



The Visionary Team worked with COMtrac’s CEO, Craig Doran, to design a 90 second Animated Explainer Video to communicate the service through the use of modern & cutting edge graphics.

Graphic design was key to make the audience FEEL like they could trust the new COMtrac concept.

The animation, soundtrack, and male voiceover convey an authoritative, leading brand. They were designed specifically to connect with non-technical C-Level executives.

The COMtrac team received an “overwhelming response” from their video, attracting leads within 1 week of launching the video (see their testimonial for more details on their results)