David Ballantyne, HomeFront Australia’s CEO said: “When it comes to vision, there’s some who don’t get it, others who do; and then there’s a special few who not only get it, they grow it. This was my experience with Visionary Digital Studios who brought substance, life, simplicity and integrity to our explainer.

The difference between VDS and the rest is their rare combination of business sense, artistic skill and technical competence, allowing them to produce a perfect communication vehicle that’s fit for market.

A year on, the explainer remains a jewel in the crown of our site, with its strong production values and clear narrative shining through.”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“But, if you value your time and you need reliable, quality help … then, meet HomeFront Australia … HomeFront’s “Build and Book” platform makes it easy … Select the services you need from a wide range … Cleaning, Mowing, Gardens, Car Care, Pest Control, Home Maintenance and much more. Customise the service to suit your exact needs … And book it in, instantly.”



HomeFront originally came to us after working with another agency who produced a video that simply wasn’t good enough to launch their brand professionally. The HomeFront service is expected to quickly make a big impact Australia-wide, and eventually globally. So, at the base level, the video needed to convey the company as credible, established and trustworthy. The project aim was to generate leads online, by conveying the HomeFront offer in a way that inspires people to book services immediately through the website. HomeFront also needed to quickly explain to their prospects why their offering provides more value than other cheaper, unreliable options in their market.



The Visionary Team worked alongside HomeFront’s CEO, David Ballantyne, to create a fun, engaging video to explain the offering powerfully and increase the amount of customers that book services through the website. Graphics were kept brand consistent, but we added a hint of humour throughout the video to ensure it kept a consumer audience captivated. The characters were crafted specifically to represent HomeFront’s target audience, s they could see themselves in the narrative. The visual design, soundtrack and Voice Artistry were all designed specifically to sub-communicate HomeFront as a brand that customers could trust enough to provide their credit card details in exchange for services. This project was designed to be launched through the HomeFront website, as well as Facebook Advertising campaigns.