Philip StClair, New Home Professionals’ CEO said: “Visionary Digital Studios – have provided a fantastic service over several months, our project was a reasonable size so it took time to flesh out copy, story boards, slides, animations and voice overs … they weren’t the cheapest, but they provided great value, and a fantastic result in the end. I felt Sanjay understood the goal, plan and vision. So it was easy to move forward.The review and editing process was impressive which allowed us to quickly get on the same page. Sanjay and his team delivered above and beyond. We highly recommend Visionary, they took difficult concepts and helped to make a simple 2d for our story and service at New Home Professionals. Pleased we took the journey with Visionary and will be using them again in the future!”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“New Home Professionals provides coaching to fast-track home ownership. Let us help you take the stress out of buying or building your own new home! Our experience and unique strategies will help you secure your own home sooner … We’ve developed 22 different strategies to help unlock home ownership for everyday Australians!”



New Home Professionals have an industry leading value proposition, and are set to completely dominate their market. However, the value of the service and the strategies NHP bring to the table can be complex. We needed to be simplify the message so it could be quickly comprehended by their target audience.



For this project, we worked with NHP to identify 5 important areas in the Customer Journey where prospects needed to be educated. The buying cycle can be long and complex in this industry, so it was important the right messages were pinpointed, and then the scripting language was kept simple for our audience to consume.

We chose the hero characters in this video intentionally to represent the target audience, right down to ensuring the decision maker from the couple was positioned front and centre. Graphics and soundtrack were strategically selected/crafted to convey the NHP brand as established and credible, with just a touch of humour to keep the videos engaging.