Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior’s CEO, said:
“Sanjay and his team have done an awesome job creating a 3 min animation for Secure Code Warrior! We basically worked together step-by-step to go from an initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations his team made. I was excited not only about the end-product but also about their working style and commitment to meet tight deadlines! So we’ve engaged them again for another couple of videos. Keep up the good work!”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

Secure Code Warrior provides an online platform for developers to learn secure coding skills. The platform is gamified and cutting edge, ensuring coders learn complex skills in a way that they are engaged and inspired by.



The SCW platform has lots of functionality! But users are very busy, and don’t have time to read pages of documentation. Also, the audience tend to be impatient to dive in and start using the platform as soon as possible. SCW needed a way to quickly explain the main functionality of the platform. The idea was to get users started on the platform as soon as possible, and reduce the number of unnecessary Service Calls.



The SCW platform looks cutting edge, so we featured screen recordings with minimal animations. We’ve added Zoom and highlight effects to ensure the viewer’s attention is focussed on what we want them to see. “High tech” sound effects also keep the viewer engaged.

The videos are designed to look cutting-edge, so that they give an excellent impression to the viewer, and improve their overall experience of using the Secure Code Warrior platform.

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