Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author of “Uplifting Service”, and Founder of UP! Your Service said:

“The team at Visionary Digital did an amazing job! We really appreciated their skills and their strategy behind every stage of the project, and their commitment to work closely with us through the scripting, animating, and subtitling phases of the project. I am absolutely impressed by the level of service we received, and recommend The Visionary Team to any other business leader.”

“The UP! Your Service explainer video is a strategic asset that will help us achieve our marketing objectives. At UP! Your Service, we work with the world’s most prominent leaders and organizations to implement our “Uplifting Service Architecture” to improve customer experience and build a stronger service culture. We wanted a short video to explain the benefits of our approach and why we are global leaders – in a way that inspires busy executives to contact our sales team.”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

Quoted from their Code V Animation Script:
“How do you create a service culture that ignites your brand, delights your customers, and inspires your people? UP! Your Service has the world’s leading approach. We call it “The Uplifting Service Architecture”, with 3 major components …”



UP! Your Service wanted to convey the value of their “Uplifting Service Architecture” offering, in a powerful, engaging way.

Founder Ron Kaufman is a New York Times Best Selling Author, who works with high profile multinational CEOs. So every aspect of the production and project process needed to be spot on.

The target market was C-Level executives around the world. So the offering needed to be quickly broken down into terms the audience could relate to and engage with right until the end.

The key objective was to generate leads through requests for more information.



The Visionary Team worked with UP! Your Service’s Founder, Ron Kaufman, and Marketing Director, Mitchel Quek, to create a modern, sharp video that explains the service in a way that multinational C-Level executives can easily consume.

It was important that the video reflected the UP! Your Service brand which is industry leading globally. But we added a hint of fun to ensure the content was relatable to the auience.

The video will be launched via a high-converting landing page for digital marketing campaigns, as well as being embedded throughout UP! Your Service’s day to day marketing and sales channels.

UP! Your Service also use their video before their conferences and speaking engagements around the world.