The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "SecureCo accelerates your CX transformation, empowering you to manage all your telephony in the cloud - including carriage, number management, CCaaS, UCaaS, voice analytics, payments and more."

The Challenge: SecureCo know they have industry-leading SaaS products, but it's difficult to explain the functionality to non-technical decision makers. They wanted to reduce the complexity of explaining what they do, and make it very simple for C-Suite customers.

VIDEO 1: Explain The Unique Value Proposition

The first video was designed to be launched through the SecureCo website, as well as being used at conferences, in proposals and throughout SecureCo's marketing campaigns. It gives a high level explanation of the concept for C-Level Execs and managerial decision-makers. Every prospect watches this video BEFORE their initial sales presentation, so they already understand the value of SecureCo and are self-qualified.

Peter Brittliff, SecureCo's Head of Global Marketing said: "Sanjay and the team at Visionary are true masters of their craft. They've helped us communicate complex technical solutions in 90sec. We use these videos in our sales call, and demonstrations to seamlessly help our audience experience just how SecureCo helps their business.

[We chose Visionary because of ] their can-do attitude and professional advice/recommendations throughout the process.

[We loved] the clear project deliverables and timelines. As well as the creative Advice and Recommendations."

VIDEO 2: SecureCo - Mitel USA Conference

This video was designed specifically for a conference based in the USA. The target audience is enterprise sales professionals. Because this video was shown to a live audience, we've kept it fast-paced to keep the audience engaged. Stock footage was specifically chosen to allow them to "place themselves into the video narrative". And, of course, we've added hints of relatable humour throughout to ensure we created a lasting impact on the live audience.

VIDEO 3: SecureCo For Partners

The 2nd video is completely focused on SecureCo's partner audience, who are a little more technical-savvy. You'll notice the language and concepts presented are more detailed in this video, to ensure the audience is engaged.

They will have already seen VIDEO 1. So we kept it interesting with a new Voice Artist ...

VIDEO 4: SecureCo Key Functionality

In VIDEO 3 we focus on an important piece of SecureCo functionality, that often factors highly in buying decisions.

The sales team sends this video to customers who are already using MS Teams, and have the very specific pain points explained in the video's narrative.

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