The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "Single Source helps you see your data clearly and make data-driven decisions. Our solution aggregates all your data into one platform, in real-time... and then present it in the ways you and your teams need it."

The Challenge: Single Source provides a unique service delivering much more value than their competitors, so they tend to have a lot of interest in their services.

But it's a technical service, so they were spending a lot of time and energy in the sales process. They were explaining their service over and over to new leads, and as a result just not getting the story out to their prospects quickly enough.

VIDEO 1: Explain The Unique Value Proposition

The first video was designed to be launched through the Single Source website, as well as being used at conferences, in proposals and throughout Single Source's marketing campaigns. It gives a high level explanation of the concept for C-Level Execs and managerial decision-makers. Every prospect watches this video BEFORE their initial sales presentation, so they already understand the value of Single Source and are self-qualified.

Aaron Schier, Single Source's CEO said: "Sanjay and the team worked tirelessly to really understand our business and products before any work was completed on our video. This meant the project was a breeze, there were very few edits to be made along the way and the end product was a visionary masterpiece (pun intended). I highly recommend them to anyone looking to succinctly get their message across to potential customers and am looking forward to getting our second video underway!"

VIDEO 2: Differentiate Single Source

The 2nd video is completely focused on Single Source's 3 main differentiators.

This video is sent along with proposals to ensure every prospect clearly understands why they should choose Single Source.

While selling to larger companies, this video is particularly important as they are often evaluating at least 3 similar proposals at the same time, and often don't have the technical expertise to understand which is the most valuable offer.

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