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How Leading Software Platforms Use Video To Effectively Educate Users About Their Service's Functionality ... Even If It's Complex

"Animated Videos will powerfully communicate the technical functionality of your software platform to your users. If you educate your users properly they will love your service, and they will stop requiring frustrating support calls with you or your team."


What If Every User Could Easily Understand The Technical Functionality Your Software Offers?

When you have a complex software platform, your users often struggle to use the functionality. They find it difficult to read through complicated text-based instructions, whether that be release notes, documentation or powerpoints.  

And when instructions are too complex ... users don’t really read them at all, do they? 

They call your team directly to get the functionality explained. Your team takes frustrating phone calls, often answering the same questions over and again. 

Or worse, users don’t use your service properly. Or they just stop using it entirely, because they simply don’t understand it. They incorrectly assume your platform doesn’t work and blame your developers.

So your users never really get to see how much your platform can help them. And the growth of your software platform is stagnating as a result.  


WHAT IF YOU HAD A Set Of Professional Videos Which Explained Your Platform's Major Functionality In An Engaging Way ...

Short animated videos are easy to consume for your users. Complex information is broken down for them into bite-sized pieces, and animated visuals keep them engaged with the information.

Now your users don’t need to read through complex blocks of boring documentation.

When they get stuck using your software, they simply watch a video to understand the functionality for themselves.

Since your most common user questions are now answered by engaging videos, your support team receives less calls from impatient users. And when your team do get called, they simply send through a professional video which answers the question in a consistent, professional way. Every time.

Well designed animated videos make your software platform feel more established and user-friendly. Each video represents your brand as modern and innovative. 

So now that your platform is being used properly, your users are loving it! Your team look like super-stars. Your customer base starts to grow organically.

And your software paves its rightful place as industry leading ...  

 “Passionate about their work and the results reflect that. Fantastic customer service with clear and regular updates on progress. Made the whole thing easy.” - Richard Harris, Managing Director, ADMA  


"Just Brilliant! Describes Visionary Digital Studios process and quality of animation. After the first strategy meeting the pre explained and planned process kicked into gear and all the components including the script, the voice choice, the music choice, initial sketches and draft reviews went very smoothly … I would highly recommend Sanjay and his team." - Nick Black, Founder, Straight2Voicemail  

“We were blown away with how scripted the whole process was – just like a clock work from strategy meet to initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations.You guys have certainly exceeded our expectations and its been a joy working with such thorough professionals.” - Rinkesh Patlekar, Marketing Manager, Right Selection

What Customers Say After Working With The Visionary Team:

Craig Doran, CEO, COMtrac said:

“The project team at Visionary Digital Studios is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent ... It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think ‘That is the best value for money I have ever spent.”  

I really could not fault anything in the whole process. I have dealt with a lot of contractors and consultants for a variety of reasons but never have I had the level of service where I actually felt 100% confident in your companies abilities to meet the representations your put forward.  

Feedback ... has been overwhelming since day 1. The comments on the Linkedin post are a testament to the quality ...  

Just about every one of my competitors would benefit from your video. Yes I do mind if you contact them as I don’t want them to have quality video that I obtained from Visionary Studios. :-)”  

Pieter Danhieux, CEO, Secure Code Warrior said:

“Sanjay and The Visionary Team have done an awesome job ... for Secure Code Warrior! 

We basically worked together step-by-step to go from an initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations his team made. I was excited not only about the end-product but also about their working style and commitment to meet tight deadlines! 

So we’ve engaged them again for another couple of videos. Keep up the good work!

Libby Owens, Strategic Content Manager, Data Republic said:

“We recently engaged Visionary Digital Studios to create an animated explainer video for our company in the lead up to a major industry event which we were sponsoring. The stakes were high as the video would be played to hundreds of people on a big screen and needed to be perfect!  

The team at Visionary delivered a very high quality video for a fantastic price, better yet the team were an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be working with Visionary again and recommending them to partners.”

Ready To Achieve Similar Results In Your Business?


If you match at least two of the following criteria, our videos can revolutionise the way you communicate your software ... 

  • You're serious about growing your tech service. You're an action-taker that can make decisions about your messaging.
  • You have at least 3 technical concepts in mind for videos that will enhance your users' experience
  • Your team are currently receiving calls from users which could be effectively answered through video.
  • You already have documentation prepared in text, rough notes, powerpoint slides or even in your head!
  • You currently have an established user base who is using your software platform
  • Your business has an overall vision, a purpose, a "why" ... rather than running purely for profits alone.


An Animated Explainer Video is a short video which explains your platform's functionality to your users. This makes it easy for them to understand how they should use your service, and allows them to answer common support questions themselves, rather than having to calling your team.  

However, a Visionary Explainer Video project is much more than just creating videos.  

We’ll apply our deep understand of marketing science, as well as our corporate software experience to show you how to communicate your functionality in a way that ENGAGES your users and enhances their perception of your brand. So, after they watch your video, they will FEEL that your platform is a PERFECT fit for their requirements.

Our consultants have a background in technical IT, so we can speak your language, and work with your Tech Leads, Service Delivery Managers, Developers or anyone else in your team!

Your video project will enhance your brand, reduce the number of calls to your team and dramatically increase the overall satisfaction of your users.


A typical Visionary Animated Explainer Video project runs for 6 weeks to 2 months, depending on your platform and much information you would like broken down into videos.  

We’ll run the initial Strategy Session with you for free, so you get a chance to work with one of our Visionary Video Strategists and can assess our knowledge and experience. 

During the session, we deep-dive into the psychology of your users, understand the current problems and impacts around conveying your software functionality and give you insight on how short videos will directly address those problems..  

From there, our proven 6 step production process kicks in. Our team takes on all of the leg work to produce your videos throughout the following stages of the project: Strategy, Script Writing, Voiceover recording, Scene Planning, Animation and Launch. We have have established Project Management and reporting processes to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the project. 

Most importantly, our process is designed for busy professionals - we'll take on all the leg work throughout the project!

At each step of the process, we’ll ask you to review and approve. So by the end of the project, you know exactly what you’re getting and we can GUARANTEE you get a set of videos that you LOVE.



Once you’ve completed your Visionary Animated Explainer Video project, you will use your videos to educate users of your platform before and during onboarding, as well as while they are using the platform. 

  • Explain your software functionality in a way your users understand, so their experience of your platform is dramatically enhanced
  • Reduce the most common support calls to your team or service desk. Your users can now self-serve.
  • Enhance your branding and how your software is perceived by your market


“I believe that if you show people the problems and you show people the solutions, they will be moved to act.” - Bill Gates