Here's How Leading Software Companies Use Video To Show Their Users How To Effectively Use Their Platform

"Visionary Software How-To Videos will powerfully communicate the technical functionality of your software platform to your users. If you educate your users on how to use your platform properly, they will love it, and they will stop making frustrating support calls to you and your team."



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  • We'll design a customised Visionary Software How-To Video strategy for your desired business results, and explain exactly how it will work. 
  • You'll understand the user satisfaction results you can REALISTICALLY expect from a Visionary Video Marketing strategy. 
  • We'll design 3 - 4 solution options for your business and provide a quote for each.
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What Customers Say After Working With The Visionary Team:

Louisa McSpedden (Global Enterprise Marketing Manager) and Spencer Ward (Sales & CS) from Data Republic said: 

"Visionary Digital Studios helped us to create a how-to video within our budget to explain our technology platform. Sanjay was a pleasure to work with, happy to take on feedback and suggested edits. He also made sure we kept the ball rolling even when we had some unexpected stumbling blocks along the way. Incredibly easy to work with, made things very clear and defined good, aligned expectations. Would definitely recommend and work with VDS again."

Pieter Danhieux, CEO, Secure Code Warrior said:

“Sanjay and The Visionary Team have done an awesome job ... for Secure Code Warrior! 

We basically worked together step-by-step to go from an initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations his team made. I was excited not only about the end-product but also about their working style and commitment to meet tight deadlines! 

So we’ve engaged them again for another couple of videos. Keep up the good work!

Justin Gasparre & Ben Johns from the Vorteil Leadership team said: 

"We were extremely impressed with the process used by Visionary Digital Studios to extract the information necessary to build the Animated Introduction video for This process forced us to think about our product from the point of view of a person seeing it for the first time - something very difficult to do when you’re in the forest looking out. The result is the video we needed but couldn’t articulate ourselves, we’re very happy with the result.

"Working with Visionary was a smooth process from start to finish. Through their proven process they were able to get our message out of our heads and onto the screen. I was impressed with the speed and quality of execution and that Sanjay kept us to task through the journey. The level of customer service and attention to our satisfaction is impressive and memorable and certainly an asset of Visionary’s offering."

What If Every User Could Quickly & Easily Understand How To Use Your Platform?

When you have a complex software platform, your users often struggle to use the functionality properly. They find it difficult to read through text-based instructions in your release notes and documentation.  

And when instructions are too complex ... users don’t really read them at all, do they? 

They call your support team directly to get easy answers. So your team takes frustrating phone calls, often answering the same questions over and again. 

Or worse, users incorrectly assume your platform doesn’t work and blame your developers.

So your customers never really get to see how much your platform can help them. And the perception of your brand is damaged.

WHAT IF YOU HAD A Set Of Professional Videos Which Explained Your Platform's Major Functionality In An Engaging Way?

"Visionary Software How-To Videos" are easy to consume for your users. Complex information is broken down for them into bite-sized pieces, animated visuals and screen recordings to keep them engaged with the information.

Now your users don’t need to read through complex blocks of boring documentation.

When they get stuck using your software, they simply watch a video to understand the functionality for themselves.

Since your most common user questions are now answered by engaging videos, your support team receives less calls from impatient users. And when your team do get called, they can simply send through a professional video which answers the question in a consistent way. Every time.

Well designed How-To Videos make your software platform FEEL more established and user-friendly. Each video conveys your brand as modern and innovative. 

So ... now that your platform is being used properly, your users are loving it! Your team look like super-stars. Your customer base starts to grow organically.

And your software takes its rightful place as industry leading ...

Sound good?

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More Visionary Client Experiences ...

 "When it comes to vision, there's some who don't get it, others who do; and then there's a special few who not only get it, they grow it. This was my experience with Visionary Digital Studios who brought substance, life, simplicity and integrity to our explainer. The difference between VDS and the rest is their rare combination of business sense, artistic skill and technical competence, allowing them to produce a perfect communication vehicle that's fit for market. A year on, the explainer remains a jewel in the crown of our site, with its strong production values and clear narrative shining through." - David Ballantyne, HomeFront Australia's CEO  


“Passionate about their work and the results reflect that. Fantastic customer service with clear and regular updates on progress. Made the whole thing easy.” - Richard Harris, Managing Director, ADMA  


"Just Brilliant! Describes Visionary Digital Studios process and quality of animation. After the first strategy meeting the pre explained and planned process kicked into gear and all the components including the script, the voice choice, the music choice, initial sketches and draft reviews went very smoothly … I would highly recommend Sanjay and his team." - Nick Black, Founder, Straight2Voicemail  

“We were blown away with how scripted the whole process was – just like a clock work from strategy meet to initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations.You guys have certainly exceeded our expectations and its been a joy working with such thorough professionals.” - Rinkesh Patlekar, Marketing Manager, Right Selection

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