• 19 January, 2017
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The Best Way To Use Your Corporate Animated Video At A Conference

We recommend you use your Visionary Explainer Video when attending Conferences, in the background of your stall/stand. You can have the video running on repeat, for anyone who visits your stand to view.


Here are a few pro tips for doing this effectively:


   Subtitles Version: Speak to your Visionary Project Manager about having a subtitles version of your video developed. Often at a conference, you won’t be able to use audio, or the audio won’t be easy to listen to. We can create a subtitles version of your video for you, so visitors to your stand can still watch the video and get the message.

–   Playing the video: We’d suggest using a laptop, and playing the MP4 version of the video, rather than using YouTube or Wistia. This way the video will run much more reliably, without requiring internet bandwidth. Also your video statistics will be unaffected.

–   QR Code: Speak to your Visionary Project Manager if you’d like a QR Code like the example below. This allows your stand visitors to “scan” your video, and view it on their phone. We love this! Simply because it looks high-tech and represents your company as super-innovative …


Check out what happens when you scan the example below!

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