The Gild Group Digital Strategy + LinkedIn Ads Campaign

The Challenge

When we met The Gild Group, they already had a premium online brand design and plenty of customers and opportunities.

However, they were relatively unseen online:

  • Gild wanted to be seen as true thought leaders - however, their IP and knowledge weren't being effectively shown to an online audience.
  • In contrast, their competitors were effectively using digital strategies to be seen and heard.
  • Gild wanted to ensure its clients were aware of the full breadth of their services.
  • Gild wanted the ability to attract new clients in a select few of the verticals they serve. They wanted control over the size and type of those clients.

Rachael Selak, The Gild Group's COO said:

"Visionary Digital Studios have been amazing to work with. They have really helped lighten our marketing workload so that we can focus our attention where it is needed most. Loved that in each meeting there was a clear agenda and bottleneck identified."

Solution Overview

The overall solution had Visionary build the following:

  • Visionary Client Avatar
  • Strategic Social Content
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Pipedrive CRM & Marketing Automation
  • Website pages
  • Social Amplification across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • SEO-optimised thought leadership articles
  • Mailchimp EDMs
  • Consulting: HubSpot CRM, Digital Strategy, Website, Branding
  • Adhoc campaigns and digital requests

Visionary Strategic Social Media

First, we created a specific Client Avatar to represent the exact type of audience Gild wanted to speak to.

From there we produced 40+ pieces of highly strategic social media. Gild are in the very crowded financial services space - so we focused their content on why Gild was different. The content is very deep and specific to ensure it provides value that Gild's audience simply cannot get anywhere else.

The content was posted organically to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, receiving excellent engagement right from the start.

However, the secret sauce was to use paid ads to put the content specifically in front of Gild's customers, prospects and network. This ensure the right people were consuming the content and it was making the desired impact.

View the style of content on Gild's LinkedIn page here:

Gild Social Content Samples:

Results Snapshot

The campaign is ongoing, with more Gild services and platforms being added as we see ongoing success. Here are the results for January - May 2024. Note that we are reporting on QUALIFIED pipeline only - so the data shown is from leads who have spoken to a sales person and are engaged in the sales process:

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the LinkedIn Ads campaigns and design decisions - and to ensure TGG attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

Visionary Thought Leadership Articles

Deep, specific Thought Leadership articles were crafted for Gild's website.

It was important these were NOT the usual copied/non-strategic/time-wasting content that most B2B companies launch. Instead, the articles were crafted strategically, with deeper insights than the audience could get elsewhere.

Click the images below for examples, or see the Gild "RESOURCES" page here.

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