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The Vein Clinic were producing results from their online marketing - but they had no way of measuring those results, and understanding where they were at. They needed an agency to optimise their campaigns, create reports & dashboards and show them the optimal approach to selling their services online.

The Challenge

The Vein Clinic is the industry leader in their field. However, they have competitors who provide an inferior service - but still, take some customers because they are cheaper. Often those competitors were promoting their services better with marketing and blog posts.

The video and advertising campaigns had to ensure potential customers understand why The Vein Clinic's service provides better quality and more long-term value.

The Vein Clinic is a busy operation - it was important we created a streamlined approach to marketing for them while educating them on how to get the most out of their campaigns.

Here is the video we produced to address the challenge:

Laura Williams, from The Vein Clinics Marketing team said:

"Sanjay always goes above and beyond and is by far the most authentic, enthusiastic, and supportive professional we've ever had the pleasure of working with. He has great ideas and is passionate about his work. Engaging with him is always a pleasure and we always leave a meeting or a catch-up feeling excited, energised, and uplifted by his wonderful attitude. Thanks Sanjay for everything - you're the best!"

Campaign Delivery: Google Ads, HubSpot,

Animation, Digital Strategy

In this campaign, we designed Google Ads, which sent traffic to The Vein Clinic's Landing Page. This Landing Page was optimised with the Visionary Explainer Video shown above to ensure every lead receives a powerful explanation of The Vein Clinic's unique value.

To ensure The Vein Clinic gets the most out of every generated lead, and has statistics showing how their marketing is performing - we setup the HubSpot CRM, and produced a customised Marketing Report.

As shown below, we also prepared detailed dashboards displaying website and advertising performance metrics for The Vein Clinic's internal teams.

HubSpot Implementation

The following HubSpot functionality was implemented:

  • Initial setup
  • Important and segment contact lists
  • Import Deals
  • Map Sales cycle to HubSpot
  • Sales & operations staff training + handover

Results Produced

From the time Visionary took over management of The Vein Clinic's marketing, lead generation and number of sales closed improved month by month. Visionary managed the campaigns for 3 months, with The Vein Clinic achieving a record month during that time.

In addition to running Google Ads and building campaigns, Visionary also implemented HubSpot, and worked with The Vein Clinic's team to run their sales process through HubSpot's CRM. From there, we recommended an exercise of following up all old sales leads by phone - this results from this suggestion alone covered the entire Visionary campaign investment.

After the 3 months, The Vein Clinic were able to take the strategies in-house and are still running the same campaigns.

Visionary Client Avatar

To guide the marketing campaigns and ensure they attract the best possible prospects, we strategised, and then documented, a Client Avatar:

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