CASE STUDY: Vorteil Website



Vorteil started this project because ...

  • They knew their current website was outdated and didn't reflect the quality of their service, compared to competitors. They wanted something to make them stand out with X-Factor.
  • Vorteil has a complex technical service and needed it explained powerfully to non-technical decision-makers, in a short period of time. The website also needed to be relevant for both non-technical decision-makers and technical users.
  • Vorteil present to high profile clients - the website needed to immediately inspire trust and have visitors FEELING they are credible and established

Strategic Highlights Of The Website ...

  • The Home page is designed specifically for C-Level decision-makers. It features a Visionary Explainer Video which speaks their language. Trust elements like client logos, partner logos, testimonials, and statistics appear throughout
  • Images from Vorteil's Visionary Explainer Video are used throughout the website to keep their videos and website brand consistent.
  • The text on the website is very strategically crafted to appeal to the mindsets, pain points and desires of Vorteil's C-Level clients.

After the project, Ben Johns, Vorteil's Industry Engagement Principal said:

"Excellent. Overall the process was relatively painless to get a great outcome, the team was very responsive to our requirements. One of the challenges for us is coming up with the content for our website, it’s what held us back in the past from making the changes we needed, because the hill just seemed too high to climb. The [Visionary Digital Studios] interview process and understanding our business and helping put the framework together and the process for updating the copy really made this process easy and a problem we could solve together to get a great outcome."


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