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The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "That’s why we created Vorteil, the next generation kernel for running enterprise applications with the maximum level of security and performance. Vorteil enables your applications to use all the resources of a virtual machine ... without the bulky OS installation"

The Challenge: Vorteil delivers a complex tech service that they know provides industry-leading value to corporate IT organisations. But because of the complicated technology, it is difficult for them to describe to C-Level decision makers who don't have time to read through powerpoints and documentation. We needed to simplify the benefits and communicate in terms of business benefits to position them for the initial sales call.  

There are multiple stakeholders involved in the tender process or procurement process. So we decided to prepare a longer, more technical video as well - incorporating a demo of Vorteil. This allows the decision-maker to take a technical message back to his team during the decision process.

Visionary Video-Powered Website

Vorteil needed their website updated so that they looked like the type of company that could be trusted by larger international brands. We've gone with a clean, fresh look and ensured each image is brand consistent with the video. And we've also ensured the videos and website text speak the language of the audience - Vorteil's technology is easily understood by the C-Suite.

Justin Gasparre & Ben Johns from the Vorteil Leadership team said: "We were extremely impressed with the process used by Visionary Digital Studios to extract the information necessary to build the Animated Introduction video for This process forced us to think about our product from the point of view of a person seeing it for the first time - something very difficult to do when you’re in the forest looking out. The result is the video we needed but couldn’t articulate ourselves, we’re very happy with the result." "Working with Visionary was a smooth process from start to finish. Through their proven process they were able to get our message out of our heads and onto the screen. I was impressed with the speed and quality of execution and that Sanjay kept us to task through the journey. The level of customer service and attention to our satisfaction is impressive and memorable and certainly an asset of Visionary’s offering."

VIDEO 1: Explain The Vorteil Unique Value Proposition

The first video was designed to be launched through the Vorteil website, as well as being used at conferences, in proposals and throughout Vorteil's marketing campaigns. It gives a high level explanation of the concept for C-Level Execs and managerial decision-makers. Every prospect watches this video BEFORE their initial sales presentation, so they already understand the value of Vorteil and are self-qualified.

VIDEO 2: Demonstrate the advanced technical features

The 2nd video is more technical, and designed to provide technical decision-makers the information they need to green-light a decision to work with Vorteil. We even include a screen demo at the end of the video.

The video is shown either DURING the initial presentation, or sent after the presentation as further education. Often, C-Level Execs take the Vorteil idea back to their tech team - this video allows them to easily convey the concept in technical terms they can relate to.

With the 2 videos, the audience takes a "buyer's journey" from knowing nothing about Vorteil, to understanding the benefits, to understanding the technical details.


To advertise Vorteil's videos in tech publications we used strategically designed Animated GIFs. They immediately capture attention, and inspire the viewer to click through. Once they click, the viewer is taken to a Landing Page where they watch the videos and learn more.

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