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The Service (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script): "So, at Loftus Peak our investment strategy ensures you’re invested where your world is headed, and gives you diversification away from the industries being disrupted".

The Challenge: We were initially introduced to Loftus Peak by Andrew Banks, high profile TV personality and co-founder of Plastiq (see their Visionary Explainer Video here).

Loftus Peak required videos and content to explain the unique and highly valuable service that they offer to traditionally-minded Financial Planners. They wanted to demonstrate that investing with Loftus Peak isn't complicated or risky.

This was a critical project, because Loftus Peak manage a 9-figure portfolio for very high profile investors.

VIDEO 1: Visionary Explainer Video

This video explains Loftus Peak's main product in a way that their target market can relate to. We've removed all the complex, boring technical jargon - and instead created a story-form video that clearly shows Loftus Peak is credible, trustworthy and has a track record of results.

Harry Morrow, Loftus Peak Portfolio Analyst said: "The team at Visionary are always a pleasure to work with. I think one of their greatest skills is the ability to take the ideas you have about your own company and product, and boil that down to a more easily digestible message about the benefits you offer your target market. This is second only to their passion for delivering good outcomes to clients – throughout the project, and in the ongoing support, it’s clear that quality and getting things right really matter"

VIDEO 2: Visionary Live Action Explainer

In this video, we feature Loftus Peak's CEO explaining how Loftus Peak's investment choices progress towards a better world. To create the piece of content within budget and with minimal stress, we recorded a Zoom interview. Our editors have taken the 40 minute interview, and focussed it down to a few minutes of no-fluff content.

We've also added stock footage to keep the video interesting, but also to "hide" anything odd in the visuals. This video builds credibility and trust for Loftus Peak's leadership team.

Loftus Peak Flyer Design

The Loftus Peak flyer was designed for when a PDF brochure was the more appropriate communication tool. The words are very strategic. Loftus Peak had a lot of source content as input to this flyer - we cut it down to the most important pieces of information and embedded their Visionary Explainer Video to ensure the whole story is effectively told.

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