David Anderson, Plastiq’s CEO/Co-Founder said: “Sanjay and the team at visionary came highly recommended to us and they certainly met our expectations. They were able to hit all deadlines all the while accomodating to various changes along the way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video!”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“Now … you can earn plenty of cash back as you shop, simply by signing up with Plastiq! … Once connected, Plastiq automatically detects purchases through your connected accounts, from any brand that is registered with us … including all your favourites like Woolworths, Caltex, The Iconic, Melbourne Storm and, well, pretty much all of them! Each time you buy something, cash magically appears in your account.”



Plastiq is a high profile tech startup which will impact the lives of millions of Australian shoppers. The company’s Founders, affiliates and partners are high profile personal and corporate brands in Australia. So it was critical that this video was designed to make Plastiq feel established and credible. The service itself is a “no brainer” to use for consumers. But the key focus of the vide was to make it FEEL trustworthy, so viewers would feel comfortable to take up the offer and connect their bank accounts.



The Visionary team worked with Founders David Anderson, Andrew Banks & Trish Stevens to produce a video that would captivate a mainstream consumer audience. The video’s “hero character” was designed specifically to resemble Plastiq’s main early-adopter target audience. Throughout the video we have used credibility switches, including well known brand logos, statistics and social proof to ensure viewers could feel comfortable with Plastiq’s offer. The soundtrack and Voice Artist were also specifically chosen to resonate with our early-adopter target audience. The video was dsigned to be launched through an extensive Facebook Videos Ads campaign, as well on their website and social channels, with the intent to generate sign-ups and traction for the service.