Visionary Client Work - SaaS & Apps EXAMPLES

Just in case you're wondering whether we're as good at Digital Marketing as we say we are ...  

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Here are plenty of examples of our client work.  


Causia - Videos, B2B Advertising, Email Campaign, HubSpot

In his Project Review, Luka Evans, Causia's Marketing Strategist said:

"Visionary Digital Studios has not only delivered on our project goal of substantially increasing leads and deals, but they have completely revolutionised the way our marketing department operates.

The final outcome was exactly what we wanted. Visionary and Sanjay

n particular were excellent. Our goals for the [initial] campaign were to generate at least 2 deals, and Visionary helped us achieved exactly that.

We are wrapped, as our business has never seen leads like this before.

Whilst the deliverables of both of our projects were excellent,

it really was Visionary’s customer service and their flexibility

that stood out to us. Visionary allowed us to run the project the way we wanted to, whilst ensuring that we didn’t stray too far away from

the confines of their proven method."



Justin Gasparre & Ben Johns from the Vorteil Leadership team said: 

“We were extremely impressed with the process used by Visionary Digital Studios to extract the information necessary to build the Animated Introduction video for This process forced us to think about our product from the point of view of a person seeing it for the first time – something very difficult to do when you’re in the forest looking out. The result is the video we needed but couldn’t articulate ourselves, we’re very happy with the result.” “Working with Visionary was a smooth process from start to finish. Through their proven process they were able to get our message out of our heads and onto the screen. I was impressed with the speed and quality of execution and that Sanjay kept us to task through the journey. The level of customer service and attention to our satisfaction is impressive and memorable and certainly an asset of Visionary’s offering.”


CEO Craig Doran said:

 "The project team at Visionary Digital Studies is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent leading to presentations to new potential clients with 7 days of the video being launched. It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think 'That is the best value for money I have ever spent."

Accenture Visionary Explainer Animation

Paul Roddis, Director at Accenture said:

"Sanjay and team were great throughout the process and provided good clarity, structure and communication throughout the experience. A great outcome for us and easy to work with."

Data Republic: How-To Videos, Explainer Animation

Louisa McSpedden (Global Enterprise Marketing Manager) and Spencer Ward (Sales & CS) from Data Republic said:

“Visionary Digital Studios helped us to create a how-to video within our budget to explain our technology platform. Sanjay was a pleasure to work with, happy to take on feedback and suggested edits. He also made sure we kept the ball rolling even when we had some unexpected stumbling blocks along the way. Incredibly easy to work with, made things very clear and defined good, aligned expectations. Would definitely recommend and work with VDS again.”

Get Grants: Explainer Animations, LinkedIn Ads, B2B Content Marketing


Catherine Alcock, GetGrants’ Senior Accountant said:

“I was impressed by your other jobs that I had seen. I was also aware of your systems. It was exactly what we needed. Some help, some guidance but also some discipline. Sanjay and Mel you make a great team. You promptly understood what we were trying to do and then guided us through the decisions. You were always happy to discuss options and guide us to make the right decisions. You were also patient with us.”


Smarter City Solutions: Live Action

Michael Doherty, Smarter City Solutions' Head Of Business Development said:

"Working with Sanjay as team lead on our project was a pleasure and we are very pleased with the result. The process is obviously mature and very focused on achieving a successful and valuable outcome. [In particular, we loved] the staging system for the draft videos, the use of Google Sheets to collaborate and the guidance via email & Google meet."

ICETS: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot Automation, B2B Website

Nadine Seifert, ICETS Chief Operations Officer said:

"I am a marketing novice. The Visionary team are super helpful, offer expert advice and have patience in guiding me through and explaining the processes. [Your customer service] is really good, you are very responsive to Slack messages and emails and endeavour to get work done promptly."


Secude Code Warrior: Live Action

Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior’s CEO, said:

"Sanjay and his team have done an awesome job creating a 3 min animation for Secure Code Warrior! We basically worked together step-by-step to go from an initial idea, to writing scripts, validating audio-voices and approving the animations his team made. I was excited not only about the end-product but also about their working style and commitment to meet tight deadlines! So we’ve engaged them again for another couple of videos. Keep up the good work!"

HomeFront: Live Action, Explainer Animation

David Ballantyne, Homefront's CEO said:

"Visionary has now produced both Animated and Live Action Explainers for the company, and each time they have stood out for their quality of finish and clarity of message. Visionary's Live Action Video surprised me with the clarity and integrity of the final product. It felt authentic and on-message. The Visionary team combined visual and scripting elements in such an impactful way it created a powerful message to our clients that I'm not sure could have been achieved in any other medium."


Automation Technologies Visionary Explainer Animation

Graham Starr, Automation Technologies' Manager said:

"The Visionary team were great to work with and helped create a video that speaks to our target market. [ We chose Visionary because of your: ] emphasis on targeting the right prospects and crafting the right message to attract those leads. [We loved the: ] workshop style meetings were a useful way of working through the process and weekly progress reports are excellent."


Ann Marie Kimber, Daisee's Customer Communications & Engagement Manager said:

"I was impressed with the strategic planning process of the project and as a result, the final script and finished product was excellent and very few edits were required. Sanjay was highly professional, engaged and very experienced. Nothing was ever a problem and solutions to small edits were always quick and easy. The result was an excellent video that is fun and easily explains what we do in an engaging way. Thanks team Visionary!"


Brogan Roles, at DekkoSecure Marketing said:

"Your experience working with companies in the tech/SaaS industry made us feel like you would be better suited to understanding and articulating our value proposition... Visionary Digital Studios has been a pleasure to work with. They have consistently delivered their work on time and to a very high quality. Visionary's scriptwriting process articulated our sometimes complex value proposition in a clear and digestible manner and the exceptional work of their animators created a far more understandable and visually impressive final product. Throughout the process, the Visionary team has provided great customer service, always happy to respond to questions as well as proactively providing advice to ensure the creation and implementation of the video goes as smoothly as possible."

Single Source

Aaron Schier, Single Source's CEO said:

"Sanjay and the team worked tirelessly to really understand our business and products before any work was completed on our video. This meant the project was a breeze, there were very few edits to be made along the way and the end product was a visionary masterpiece (pun intended). I highly recommend them to anyone looking to succinctly get their message across to potential customers and am looking forward to getting our second video underway!"

COMtrac Live-Action Case Study

CEO Craig Doran said:


The project team at Visionary Digital Studies is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent leading to presentations to new potential clients with 7 days of the video being launched. It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think 'That is the best value for money I have ever spent.' "


Blue Crystal Solutions: PrimeSize

James Bannister, Blue Crystal Solutions’ Marketing Executive said:

“I would highly recommend … the team at Visionary Digital Studios, we went to them with a tight deadline and ambitious goals and they delivered. Throughout the duration of the project they were responsive and dedicated to making sure we received a product that would resonate the values of our business. The final product was a credit to The Visionary Team, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.”



Rowly Hirst, CEO and Co-founder of Forum 360 said:

"Our targets are multi stakeholder organisations. For us to onboard with them, requires an internal sales process and we needed a solution. We were guilty of not simplifying our message enough. Making it difficult for one stakeholder to relay our message to the next. The team at Visionary Studios brought a driving force to simplify our message. They challenged the way we convey our value proposition and encouraged our team to be involved in productive discussions to reach consensus. I have complete confidence that the end result will be one of our best sales tools and early feedback suggests so."

Multicom TechTools

Glenn Smith, Multicom's Managing Director said:

"My product is complicated and we have always had difficulty in simplifying our message to explain the unique products and services we do. I saw an advertisement from Visionary Digital Studios ... subsequently after a few phone calls I felt this company could possibly deliver on their promise. In the end I received far more than expected. Their process to gain the exact information they needed to deliver the fantastic result is simple and targeted. In fact I have learnt a lot more from this process myself and have started to adopt this in my own business. I am super impressed on how with just a handful of guided questions they extract exactly what they are looking for to communicate complex systems in such a simple way. We are now on our Visionary journey and now doing our second video with many more in sight. I cannot fault this company or its clever personal in any way."

ASF Audits Visionary Explainer Animation

Ben Atkins, ASF Audits Marketing Director said:

"We're a premium, award winning SMSF Auditing company. Our marketing assets need to reflect this level of professionalism and an industry leading brand. Visionary Digital Studios delivered the exact project we needed. The service was excellently organised, and the end result output was high quality. We're alreay using the video across our Digital Marketing and Advertising campaigns and it's improving our conversion rates and helping to bring in warmer leads for our sales team. Highly recommended!"

AVEM Insight

Stu McGraw and David Geil, AVEM's Co-Founder's said:

"Sanjay and the whole team at Visionary Digital Studios approached our project with a passion that is not seen every day. The effort taken to understand not only their requirements but also our industry and technology, definitely had a huge positive impact on the final product. ... What they say on the side of the can is exactly what they deliver, a very rare trait in this day and age. I've now got my eye out for the next opportunity to use the VDS Team, their products align nicely with AVEM insight's vision and approach to customer. Looking forward to working with VDS in the near future. Mel's enthusiasm is infectious – Loved this. The Project Management felt like it was on rails. VDS drove the customer (Stu and I) to maintain deadlines and meeting schedules. A little bit of an authoritarian voice within the Project Management goes a long way to reassuring the customer that "You've got this". Keep this up. Excellent communications. Great and genuine enthusiasm for what you do shows through at every touchpoint."

WotzThatDeal Visionary Explainer Animation

Dave Curtis, WotzThat's Digital Marketing Manager said: "

"Working with The Visionary team was a wonderful experience, they listened and understood our requirements and were extremely efficient in delivering, exactly as they said they would. They offered some great guidance and really made the project easy from the start. I'll be using them again and more than happy to recommend them to other businesses. Very professional. The welcome pack was a nice surprise but the clear weekly updates so we knew exactly where we're at in the process was very helpful. The offboarding guidance is excellent to make sure you get the most out of the video, these guys really want to make sure it works for you."

Straight 2 Voicemail Visionary Explainer Animation

Nick Black, Straight 2 Voicemail’s Founder said:

“Just Brilliant! Describes Visionary Digital Studios process and quality of animation. After the first strategy meeting the pre explained and planned process kicked into gear and all the components including the script, the voice choice, the music choice, initial sketches and draft reviews went very smoothly. I am very happy with the animation and am confident it will help increase my sales. I would highly recommend Sanjay and his team.”

Contraco Visionary How-To Video

Christine Foot, Principal at Wattle St (on behalf of Contraco) said:

"These guys are an asset to any project. Expect to get what you need, when you need it and to be blown away by their customer service."

MiClub Visionary Explainer Animation

Roisin Broderick, MiClub’s Marketing Manager said: 

“Excellent process, staged approach works really well, especially with the management team. Visionary have a very professional approach and process. Sanjay kept the project on schedule and was excellent to deal with. We’re really pleased with the end result.”

Sniper Visionary Explainer Animation

John Stuckey, SNIPER's CEO said:

"We have only good things to say about our experience with Visionary Digital Studios. A very professional approach both in the process and people. We are very happy with the finished product."

Wine My Way Visionary Explainer Animation

WineMyWay’s Founder – Werner Mertz said:

“The team at Visionary is what differentiates them from the rest. The energy and enthusiasm is what helped us to achieve an exceptional outcome. The result is a well crafted, quality product that has the impact we required to articulate our offering effectively to the world. Their patience and dedication made us feel like we were their top priority. We will surely work with Visionary again soon!”