Visionary Client Work: Medical Industry

Just in case you're wondering whether we're as good at Digital Marketing as we say we are ...

If you'd like to get an insight on what it's like to be a client of ours ... To be a part of The Visionary Family ... 

Or, if you're just looking for some inspiration for your own Digital project ...

Here are plenty of examples of our client work. 


HomeFront: Live Action, Explainer Video

David Ballantyne, Homefront's CEO said:

"Visionary has now produced both Animated and Live Action Explainers for the company, and each time they have stood out for their quality of finish and clarity of message. Visionary's Live Action Video surprised me with the clarity and integrity of the final product. It felt authentic and on-message. The Visionary team combined visual and scripting elements in such an impactful way it created a powerful message to our clients that I'm not sure could have been achieved in any other medium."


NSW Government (SALSA)

Bridget Foley from SALSA said: 

“People often struggle to grasp what our work entails. The animation from Visionary Digital Studios simply conveys in 90 seconds what we have been trying to explain to others for many years. It’s awesome! This animation has been able to tell our story to young people and professionals alike. We didn’t realize the value and communication power of the video until we saw other people’s eyes light up. It is a really innovative and professional way to excite interest from others. We even gained additional funding to support our work through sharing our animation with our partners. Our involvement in the creation process was ideal – progress reviews and innovations were so easy and effective”


The Vein Clinic

Laura Williams, from The Vein Clinics Marketing team said:

"Sanjay always goes above and beyond and is by far the most authentic, enthusiastic, and supportive professional we've ever had the pleasure of working with. He has great ideas and is passionate about his work. Engaging with him is always a pleasure and we always leave a meeting or a catch-up feeling excited, energised, and uplifted by his wonderful attitude. Thanks Sanjay for everything - you're the best!"


Southern Cross Hemp Oil

Langdon Brown, Southern Cross Hemp Oil's CEO said:

"Many thanks Sanjay and your team for my wonderful company website. You made it a fun experience, working exactly on my budget, and to the timeline you outlined at the beginning. I was actually blown away by your precision to detail, and my custom animation video.. Jaw-droppingly good, and produced in both Japanese and English. Lots to be proud of. Looking forward to continue our working relationship."



Carina Lippiatt, Project Manager at NDNS said:

"As a new client the Visionary Team were excellent to work with. They made each step of the process easy and communicated on all topics for the project. Our Zoom meetings were always fun, constructive and helpful. They listen to their customers and produce an end product that is a perfect match!"

DoseMe Rx (USA & Australia)

Nicola Hunter, DoseMe’s Marketing Communications Manager said: “This is our first video working with Sanjay and his team, who have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire project. They were patient while we secured internal agreement on the direction of the video and continually followed up to ensure deadlines were met. We are on a mission to change the way medicine is dosed. Visionary Digital Studios has helped us tell our story in a captivating and fun way to clearly communicate how DoseMeRx is going to help save lives.”


NSW Government (SALSA Program)


Kym Rizzo Liu, SALSA's Project Officer said:

"Working with Visionary Digital Studies is seamless. They always make the time, and deliver all communication in a timely manner. Love the use of your platforms to post instant feedback. A professional and forward thinking company."


NSW Government (SALSA Program)

Kym Rizzo Liu, SALSA's Project Officer said:

"Working with Visionary Digital Studies is seamless. They always make the time, and deliver all communication in a timely manner. Love the use of your platforms to post instant feedback. A professional and forward thinking company."




Dr Joseph Grace, HealthiBank’s CEO said: 

“Overall, we had a very positive experience working with Sanjay and The Visionary Team. The most exciting part of working on our video project with Visionary was watching the scripts come to life! I would recommend this organisation to anyone who is seeking a professional and efficient digital media partner.”

Triple A


Bridget Foley, Research and Evaluation Officer said: 

The team are really responsive and put our feedback into action to get a great product.

Australia-Indonesia Centre

Christianne O'Donnell, AIC's Senior project Officer said: "Guided by Sanjay and the VDS team, our complex research findings were distilled into an amazingly engaging video available in English and Bahasa Indonesian. Sanjay easily facilitated key ideas while gently prompting our own team to stay on-track for delivery. The team was incredibly receptive and responsive to any feedback to change animations, script, voice-overs in content and style. The animation captured the vitality and opportunity for young people in Indonesia for better health and wellbeing. Loved the responsiveness and open engagement to be creative, approach to relationship building and creating trust for our feedback as clients. Loved the end product – being able to distil complex research findings into a beautiful narrative and in dual language."


Brad Henderson, MediTours' Director said:

"We have a very complex high-tech service that needs to be simplified before our target market can understand it, and be in a position to make a buying decision. This can take long conversations, often in-person. Makes it quite a long sales cycle.

We worked with Visionary to create a Visionary Explainer Video which explains the concept and provides credibility for our business. Now, when we speak to leads they are qualified, understand our service and impressed by our brand.

Highly recommend Visionary! Right from the first calls with Mel and Sanjay, I knew they had the solutions I was looking for.. Their expertise, professionalism and friendliness as marketers was spot on (and I've worked with a few agencies in the past).

Thanks, Team Visionary!"

Pen CS

Edweana Wenkart, Pen CS' Business Growth & Partnerships Manager said:

"Visionary Digital Studios took a complex brief and made it appear 'simple'. Their ability to highlight our 'value' to prospective new customers is more than visual design, it demonstrates business acumen. The organisation is excellent! The streamlined hand-holding process is also excellent!"

Sleepy Panda


Danny Meguideche, Sleepy Panda’s Chief Operating Officer said: 

“We’re very happy with the service, it was very professional and it’s a great video”