Visionary Client Work, Case Studies & Client Reports

Here are MANY examples of the work we are doing for Visionary clients. We like to accompany each project with a client report, so you can hear about the project success from THEIR perspective.

And, our deeper projects are also accompanied by Case Studies so you can get an insight into all of the work - and the real-world results - our projects are producing.


Consilo: B2B Digital Strategy + Meta Ads + LinkedIn Ads + Pipedrive + B2B Consulting

Andy Laing, Consilo's Virtual CMO said:

"I came across VDS many years ago and had a few meetings with Sanjay. Only recently did worlds align and we got to work on a project together. It’s been a blast since day one and the results have been fantastic. We are looking forward to working on more projects with Sanjay and the team in the future."

"We’ve significantly driven up the total deal value for our primary client from sub-$10m to over $30m. No problem is too big or small for the VDS team. They get in and get the job done"


Comtrac: Digital Strategy, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot, Website Design, Explainer Animation series, Live Action Videos


CEO Craig Doran said:

 "The project team at Visionary Digital Studies is by the far the most professional and reliable service I have experienced. The response to the video we created has been nothing short of excellent leading to presentations to new potential clients with 7 days of the video being launched. It is rare to engage external services for projects and on completion sit back and think 'That is the best value for money I have ever spent.' "


Accenture: Visionary Explainer Animation series

Paul Roddis, Director at Accenture said:

"Sanjay and team were great throughout the process and provided good clarity, structure and communication throughout the experience. A great outcome for us and easy to work with."


Causia: Strategic Videos, B2B Advertising, Email Campaign, HubSpot

In his Project Review, Luka Evans, Causia's Marketing Strategist said:

"Visionary Digital Studios has not only delivered on our project goal of substantially increasing leads and deals, but they have completely revolutionised the way our marketing department operates.

The final outcome was exactly what we wanted. Visionary and Sanjay

n particular were excellent. Our goals for the [initial] campaign were to generate at least 2 deals, and Visionary helped us achieved exactly that.

We are wrapped, as our business has never seen leads like this before.

Whilst the deliverables of both of our projects were excellent,

it really was Visionary’s customer service and their flexibility

that stood out to us. Visionary allowed us to run the project the way we wanted to, whilst ensuring that we didn’t stray too far away from

the confines of their proven method."


ICETS: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot Automation, B2B Website

Nadine Seifert, ICETS Chief Operations Officer said:

"I am a marketing novice. The Visionary team are super helpful, offer expert advice and have patience in guiding me through and explaining the processes. [Your customer service] is really good, you are very responsive to Slack messages and emails and endeavour to get work done promptly."


HomeFront: Live Action Video series, Explainer Animation

David Ballantyne, Homefront's CEO said:

"Visionary has now produced both Animated and Live Action Explainers for the company, and each time they have stood out for their quality of finish and clarity of message. Visionary's Live Action Video surprised me with the clarity and integrity of the final product. It felt authentic and on-message. The Visionary team combined visual and scripting elements in such an impactful way it created a powerful message to our clients that I'm not sure could have been achieved in any other medium."


Teleca - Meta Ads, HubSpot, Visionary Black Label Videos, Brand Style, Digital Strategy

Devin Joy, Teleca Systems’ CEO said:

"We came across Visionary Digital Studios when they signed up for our services and we could not be happier with the progress since we reached out and started utilising their expertise in turn to assist us with our marketing requirements. We had been through the process a few times prior and the communication, dedication and responsiveness of VDS has been nothing but above and beyond in comparison.

Results have been very promising so far and I only expect them to improve. The videos are great and I have full confidence in the FB/Insta engagement success once circulated for a while. I would highly recommend them to anyone after assistance in growing brand recognition and marketing.."


CapitalXR: B2B Website, Explainer Animation series

Anne Matheson, Capital XR’s Marketing Director said:

"I was not sure whether social media could deliver the leads for our very specific VR technology targeting Flying Schools. It did - more rapidly than we thought, and it delivered sales.

Visionary made it work, and gave us the knowledge and confidence to expand on what we were doing.

[We] got the right leads, [and] great technical support.

I genuinely cannot think of anything you could do different or better.



Vorteil: B2B Website, Explainer Animation series, Banner Advertising

Justin Gasparre & Ben Johns from the Vorteil Leadership team said: 

“We were extremely impressed with the process used by Visionary Digital Studios to extract the information necessary to build the Animated Introduction video for This process forced us to think about our product from the point of view of a person seeing it for the first time – something very difficult to do when you’re in the forest looking out. The result is the video we needed but couldn’t articulate ourselves, we’re very happy with the result.” “Working with Visionary was a smooth process from start to finish. Through their proven process they were able to get our message out of our heads and onto the screen. I was impressed with the speed and quality of execution and that Sanjay kept us to task through the journey. The level of customer service and attention to our satisfaction is impressive and memorable and certainly an asset of Visionary’s offering.”


Visionary Digital Studios - we use ALL of our own services!

Sanjay Shah, Director at Visionary Digital Studios said:

"Running a video agency, it is very important to me that we are effectively using our own products and strategies, and setting an example for our clients. So I worked closely with one of our go-to videographers, Elsa, to design this video. The video is shown via our funnel to all leads that request a Discovery call with our team through our marketing channels. I want our audience to experience our level of professionalism right from the start, before they speak to our team. It's important to make then FEEL comfortable with the sales process, and position myself as an authority. Very impressed with what the team came up to here. It's a work of art! Haha good to see they can make me look good, hope it wasn't too difficult for them ..."



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New Home Professionals Visionary Explainer Animation series

Philip StClair, New Home Professionals' CEO said: "Visionary Digital Studios – have provided a fantastic service over several months, our project was a reasonable size so it took time to flesh out copy, story boards, slides, animations and voice overs ... they weren't the cheapest, but they provided great value, and a fantastic result in the end. I felt Sanjay understood the goal, plan and vision. So it was easy to move forward.The review and editing process was impressive which allowed us to quickly get on the same page. Sanjay and his team delivered above and beyond. We highly recommend Visionary, they took difficult concepts and helped to make a simple 2d for our story and service at New Home Professionals. Pleased we took the journey with Visionary and will be using them again in the future!"


Get Grants: Explainer Animations, LinkedIn Ads, B2B Content Marketing


Catherine Alcock, GetGrants’ Senior Accountant said:

“I was impressed by your other jobs that I had seen. I was also aware of your systems. It was exactly what we needed. Some help, some guidance but also some discipline. Sanjay and Mel you make a great team. You promptly understood what we were trying to do and then guided us through the decisions. You were always happy to discuss options and guide us to make the right decisions. You were also patient with us.”


Smarter City Solutions - Live Action Video, Explainer Animation series

Smarter City Solutions' Head Of Business Development said:

"Working with Sanjay as team lead on our project was a pleasure and we are very pleased with the result. The process is obviously mature and very focused on achieving a successful and valuable outcome. [In particular, we loved] the staging system for the draft videos, the use of Google Sheets to collaborate and the guidance via email & Google meet."


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