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Explain Your Unique Value Proposition In A Way That Engages And Inspires

Does your business have a Unique Value Proposition that clearly sets you apart from your competition? Do you consider yourself innovative and cutting edge?

Only a small percentage of businesses understand just how important it is to continue innovating in this Digital Era. In case you haven’t been paying attention, almost all products and services have already been commoditized. The power belongs to the customer who quickly and easily compares you with your competitors online, before making a buying decision. They now have access to a wide range of solutions online, often at cheaper prices, through some simple research and the click of a button.  

This is GOOD news… IF you’re providing unique value and setting yourself apart from others in your industry. Not only in the service you deliver but also your processes, staff, customer experiences and branding. Innovative, professional companies like to work with other innovative professionals. Cheaper, inferior alternatives only make the true professionals all the more rare and valuable. If you have a true Unique Value Proposition, chances are the more accomplished clients in your target market will RESONATE with your brand. 

Professional companies like to work with professionals. 

The problem is, how can you convey your unique value in a way that captivates, engages and inspires? How can you show off your brand and give people the chance to understand the REAL value of your service? Most companies have endless text-based resources on their website to show off everything they do, all of the features of their service and all of their accolades. Unfortunately, many of your website visitors wont actually read all the text on your website. A recent study by Microsoft found that the average human attention span is 8 seconds! That’s less than the attention span of a Goldfish. Welcome to the future.


These days we’re distracted by mindless Tweets, Facebook notifications, phone calls, Pokemon GO gyms and every other App notification competing in increasingly creative ways to capture our attention. Don’t just take my word for it – install a handy free tool like Hotjar into your website and watch recordings of what your website visitors are doing while on your website. You’ll likely find that not many are actually reading through the long description of the features that you are so proud of. If you want to DOMINATE your competitors, you need to communicate your unique value in a way that people will be compelled to respond to immediately. Enter the modern digital phenomenon: “Animated Explainer Videos” – A combination of potent, spoken sales pitch, combined with engaging animation, music and sound effects. Effective Explainer Videos are designed from the forefront with a POTENT script, written by a professional script writer. Make no mistake, the script is the most important part of an explainer video. Rather than ranting about your company’s features though, a pro-grade video script focuses on the viewer, your future customer. Your viewer is taken on a “journey”, snowballing their desire and inspiring action. From initially calling them out to jolt their attention (check out the first paragraph of this article for an example!), the voiceover will build trust by showing that you understand THEM and THEIR problems. When introducing the features of your service, the voiceover speaks to them directly, as an individual, showing them the benefits they would EXPERIENCE while using your service. Finally, build some credibility by showing them statistics and authority signals that demonstrate evidence that your product achieves tangible outcomes; before a POWERFUL Call To Action, telling the viewer exactly how they can contact you for more information. A professionally crafted animation script does much more than simply explain your service. It has viewers in your target market RESONATING with your company, and ready to talk to your sales team NOW.

The function of the animated graphics themselves is to keep viewers engaged, and convey your brand story. High quality, custom graphics will subtly communicate an established, respectable, professional business; while cheaper animation styles can be handy and cost-effective for startups who haven’t quite established a brand identity and aren’t looking to work with high-end clients. Simply put – the visuals in an Explainer Video help your audience to formulate their own idea of how reputable your company is, and what it will be like to work with you. Finally, it’s important to include quality finishing touches like music, sound effects and the right voiceover style/accent – again, to represent the quality of your product and the style of your brand. The jury is well and truly out. The most cutting edge companies are already using Animated Explainer Videos to engage their audience, tell their story and dominate their competitors. Why? Simply, because they work. To give you an idea, take a look at our Explainer Video here:
MarketingProfs reports that 81% of senior marketing professionals use video in their marketing campaigns. Forrester Research recently found that just one minute of video has the same impact as 1.8 MILLION words!

Innovative companies use video in their marketing programs. If your company provides a better customer experience, a better class of product and simply delivers a cut above your competitors, then the most VISIONARY way to communicate your REAL value is through an Animated Explainer Video.

For more information about how professional Explainer Video scripts are written, how an Animated Explainer Video project is run, and what the investment structure might look like, fill out the contact form below to get our “Visionary Guide To Animated Explainer Videos” pack emailed to you today.

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