Understanding the Visionary investment model

We knew you’d ask. We don’t want to force you to attend another scripted marketing agency sales call and wait an hour for a great big price reveal at the end…
But at the same time, the nature of professional B2B marketing means that you need to have a tailored solution for your business situation and your KPIs.
So, here are some notes to help you understand how our partnerships are priced.
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Visionary Discovery Process

To simply get some more information, book a free Discovery Call. It WON’T be the standard silly marketing agency sales call with a high pressure salesperson using old-skool objection handling techniques.
Instead, we’ll define KPIs and outcomes, give you clarity on where your marketing bottlenecks are, and mastermind solution ideas as a team.
If, after the initial Discovery Process, we both agree there is a potential partnership that can exceed your project outcomes – and will be valuable for Visionary – the first step is the “Visionary B2B Roadmapping Process”.
Visionary B2B Roadmapping Process

Visionary B2B Roadmapping Process

You and your leadership team will work closely with our Director, Sanjay Shah. Together, you’ll define 3 – 6 month short-term goals as well as a long-term vision. And, we’ll document the marketing plan, campaign economics, project schedule and exact content deliverables that will get you there.
The fee for these deliverables is $900 ex GST, just so that we can build a customer relationship, rather than a hidden sales process. But this will be credited to your project should you choose to work with us.

Simple solution and investment options

We won’t waste your time with the standard templatised proposal you get from marketing agencies (you know the one where you skip all the fancy templatised stuff and go straight to the pricing page!).
Instead, we’ll put forward 2 – 3 options to work with us, together with defined deliverables and KPIs. Then, we’ll show you client case studies where we produced similar outcomes for similar companies.

Your investment

Based on the agreed deliverables and outcomes, your investment will be a fixed monthly price with the options generally ranging between $2,000 – $15,000 per month.

Your commitment can be as little as 1 month for a small project or a maximum project length of 6 months for larger project visions.
Less investment means we’ll build your assets and your outcomes slower. More investment means you’ll have the full team producing results for you every week.

Building a 10 year partnership

Once we’ve established a trusted partnership and proven we can deliver the promised results, we’ll ask you to sign ongoing 6-month agreements with us so we can plan long-term.
The long-term agreement generally includes a fixed price component plus a success-based component for sales or qualified prospects we deliver. The intent is that both sides are incentivised to grow your business as quickly as possible – and nothing less.
Right from the start, we’ll be looking to build a long term, business-defining 10 year partnership.

Hear it from our clients ...

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