The intent of this article is to publicly state our agency mission to everyone that works with us – clients, staff, contractors, partners, prospects, our social audience and more.

We want you to understand exactly where the company is headed, so you can form an idea of how that fits in with your own unique vision.



Visionary’s Impact Mission

Here’s the impact we are looking to create for our clients, staff, network and our audience:

  • Our work achieves:
    • Defined commercial business KPIs for every client
    • Drives their growth until they are ready to hire an in-house CMO at $20m+ in revenue
    • Many profound 2nd order benefits that come with inspirational marketing to decision-makers at scale:
      • Faster sales cycles
      • Current clients buying more
      • Unique opportunities
      • Personal evolution as a business owner
      • Personal Inspiration
      • Inspired staff
  • The staff, contractors, teams and people we work with consistently evolve into inspirational leaders in their field.
  • As of late 2023 – by working with impactful companies, the content Visionary produces ALREADY measurably impacts 1 million+ people all over the world, every month. When we create high-quality, inspirational, elite-level content, and then distribute it at scale, it radiates a powerful positive impact in the world.



Visionary’s Agency Vision

Here’s what we’re building towards:

  • Visionary is a well-known marketing leader for B2B Tech companies with 1 – 50 employees, with revenues of $1m – $20m, before they have brought on a full-time in-house CMO. We become an “outsourced marketing department” designed to grow businesses from another “standard” company that blends into their market, into inspirational thought leaders in their market, until they are ready to take the next step and hire a CMO.
  • Our methodologies and frameworks are unique, powerful and data-tested. We don’t just do the same as everyone else. We think noticeably differently from a typical marketing agency. Our audience, clients and people know that – they FEEL that.




Visionary’s Commercial mission

Here are the commercial goals we are working towards:

  • “Visionary Group’s” overall revenue is at $US200k per month. But it’s not just the marketing agency – we own other companies that contribute to the “Impact Mission”:
    • Visionary B2B Marketing Agency
    • Business Business-owner Mastermind
    • Product-focussed B2C-style eComm business catering to our target market
  • Visionary’s agency revenue is reliably at $US100k per month:
    • TOTAL CLIENTS: 16 – 20 clients at a time
    • AVERAGE FEES (for retainers and digital project builds): $US5k per month
  • Our profit targets per client are significant enough to allow us to be highly flexible and very attentive with every client we work with.




People & culture vision:

Here are the people we want to work with. If you resonate, please reach out – people like you are rare!:

  • The Visionary Agency employee team is small, with a core team of “A players”. And we have a large network of “A player” partners including agencies and contractors.
  • The people we choose to work with are:
    • Close, long-term partnerships
    • Seamless and easy to work with.
    • They are highly focused on evolution in their craft
    • They are people who bring an “inspired” energy and match the “people we want to surround ourselves with” (below section of this doc)
    • They all get massive, tangible evolution towards their own goals from working with Visionary
    • They all understand the Visionary vision and how they fit in. They feel inspired to contribute towards it
    • Visionary’s vision and values bring out the most inspirational work they can possibly do
  • We have a “work hard, play hard culture”.
    • Were NOT “Balanced”. “Balance” is for normal companies doing normal things. “Normal” is far from the Visionary vision.




Visionary marketing & sales mission:

  • Our content is profound, unique and inspiring. It changes the trajectory of businesses, and people – even if they don’t work with us as a client. As you get deeper into our buyer’s journey funnel, the content becomes noticeably different, deeper, more profound, more unique. Every content piece is designed to make an impact on the audience’s life, we don’t have “fillers”.
  • We have a waiting list of clients ready to work with us at any time, as well as an engaged network of past clients continually learning and evolving from our content.
  • At any time, 80% of active clients in our roster are within our niche B2B Client Avatar. 20% of projects are “experimental”, “inspirational” or “learning” projects where we know we can bring massive value to the client.
  • The sales process does not require intense follow-up and hustle, as is the standard in our industry. Instead, it’s smooth and non-abrasive. The hard work is done by our content marketing.



Visionary’s Core Values: Defining the people we want to surround ourselves with

These are the core personality traits we’ll use to define the types of people we want to attract around the business, including clients, staff, partners, vendors, network:

  • “Inspiration energy” / evolution mindset: Inspired to achieve, evolve, learn. You can feel it in their vibe and their actions. They are focused on learning, evolving, and becoming better at their craft. Generally a positive outlook.
  • Service mindset: Always looking to over-deliver, keeps their word, and makes things happen. Seamless and easy to work with.
  • “Work hard, play hard”: Prepared to work hard when required, and embrace challenges. This is balanced by a “play hard” attitude – unique hobbies, lifestyles, attitudes, and interests outside of their craft.