B2B Specialised Video Production

Videos produced for real-world business results, based on extensive real-world testing

But first, why choose Visionary for your video production?

We’re in the era of digital video. Yet most B2B businesses aren’t effectively leveraging it…

And when they do produce videos, they make the mistake of focusing on entertainment—through low-brow fun and simplistic stories—as they’ve seen on TV ads designed for simpler audiences.

But YOUR target market—sophisticated decision-makers tasked with making 5- and 6-figure decisions—don’t respond to that. It creates unnecessary doubt.

You’ll be surprised to learn that most video production companies overlook critical factors: the 3-12 month buyer’s journey of your prospects, the need for 3-10 video versions to engage your audience before they take action, the strategic messaging that drives B2B sales, the impact of your video’s cast on the sales process, and the fact that 80% of a video’s success lies in its DISTRIBUTION strategy, not just production…

And that’s just the beginning.

So, at Visionary, our videos focus on inspiration, engagement, and education.  After all, these are the videos that create real-world results: qualified deals and revenue.

How do we know? We are one of the very few video producers that have spent close to 7-figures (and counting!) of ad spend on multiple platforms for MANY B2B services, testing video ads of all types. We’ve seen the results and codified the techniques that make a real difference.

B2B video style options

Visionary Live-Action Videos

People trust people. And if there’s one thing we know how to convey on camera, it’s human interaction. Live-action videos are the best way to build credibility and establish trust with well-known faces from your team.

With our Creative Director’s guidance and super-skilled videographers, you’ll be shocked at how naturally you flourish on camera. Finished with slick animation effects, your clients will feel like they know you -and trust you – before meeting you.

Visionary Explainer Animations

If decision-makers don’t understand your value, why would they buy from you? Animation breaks down tricky technical concepts and helps your audience understand your offer.

With the use of diagrams, charts, and other animation techniques, gone are the days of your sales team having to explain your services again and again (and again and again).

Visionary Training Video Production

If your audience doesn’t internalise your training, how do you expect them to apply it? Visionary’s tailored Training Videos ensure concepts stick, using live action, animations, screen demos, and diagrams to simplify complex ideas.

Visionary’s experience includes bulk video production, streamlining reviews, and accommodating updates. We can also work with your self-produced material, integrate your LMS, and repurpose content across your learning materials and marketing programs.

Visionary Software Demo Videos

There’s a lot of software out there, so to stand out, you must make your UI feel real for the viewer. A Visionary Software Demo Video demonstrates your software’s features and functionality, showing what it does and why it’s a better fit than your competition.

And we’ll add plenty of wow-factor effects that bring your software to life. Why? So that decision-makers genuinely understand the benefits and become QUALIFIED leads. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

Unique Hybrid Video Styles

This is where it gets very interesting. We often prescribe unique hybrid video styles for businesses that want a real edge over their competitors. These videos are much more unique and memorable on the newsfeed and in your website.

By choosing a hybrid of the styles above, you’re easing all friction points for the decision-maker and combining the benefits of each style.

That’s enough talk. Here’s how we do it.

The following case studies will help you discover how real businesses with real video production examples are out there generating real results.

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