Not all B2B websites are created equal.

While look and feel is important for all websites, there are strategic  “triggers” that the most highly effective websites incorporate.

When produced effectively, a website will emotionally RESONATE with the right visitor, and inspire them to take an action. That might be to request a call with your sales team, learn more, or even to press that “BUY NOW” button.


Preparation & Research

The preparation stage of your project is the most important step.

During your Visionary Strategy Session, we will dive deep into the psychology of your perfect clients, so we can understand the exact messages they need to move forward in your sales process.

Many companies make the mistake of staying too high level here. We don’t want your website to be generic. We want your perfect clients to FEEL that your service is the best fit for them. So we need to understand them at a deep level.

The way we’ll do this is through questionnaires, interviews, research and industry experience. We’ll document how they think, how they make decisions, what they aspire to and their demographics in a Client Avatar

Then, we’ll aim to mirror and address their exact thoughts throughout your website text. We’ll lay out the content in a way that answers their most common questions, and we’ll deal with their objections BEFORE they even speak to your sales team.

The strategy stage of your Visionary website project can be intense – but it is worth investing focus and energy here, so we can produce a truly strategic website.

To get an insight into the level of strategic thinking that should go into any B2B marketing project, read our article here:



Leverage the marketing efforts of successful competitors

One of the most effective ways to build your website strategically is to leverage the efforts of your most successful competitors.

If they have invested significant energy and budget into their online marketing strategy, and they are already having success – we can assume that their website has been continually optimised to perform better.

So, we’ll take inspiration from their website layout, ideas and design while strategising your website. This allows us to leverage all of the insights that they’ve gained from the budget they have spent, into your project.

That being said, we NEVER copy or do anything unethical. You have your own brand style, and your own unique value. So we’ll only take inspiration from your successful competitors – and then build a site that is unique for your brand.


Online Business Experience in B2B

Keep in mind that as the world evolves into the tech era very quickly, your online presence will be more and more critical to your overall business success. So your website should be built with a long term vision, based on extensive experience in online business strategy:

– Online Strategy: Every part of your website will be strategically designed based on our experience in producing online B2B sales. To do this effectively, you need excellent experience working with similar B2B companies, as well as a deep understanding of integrating CRMs and software plugins.

– Scalable: As a general rule, we’ll use WordPress at Visionary, because it will allow you to incorporate ready-made plugins to connect to a very wide range of tools and functionality as your online presence grows.

– Trust: In online business, trust is the key factor, because you may not have the luxury of meeting prospects face to face. And you won’t have the implied trust you get from referrals. So we’ll incorporate lots of visible and non-visible “credibility switches” – elements that make your website visitors FEEL like you can be trusted.

– Automation: The website will allow you to automate your marketing and sales by taking visitors on a journey from casual visitor, to interested prospect. Once your website is built, we’ll recommend digital content and Social Media strategies that can build off your website and increasingly automate your business.

To get a good feel for the level of strategic thinking that should be infused into your website right from the start, read our article on LinkedIn here:

[ ARTICLE: The 4 Layers Of B2B Advertising Audiences ]


Visionary Explainer Animations or Live-Action Videos

One of the most critical and differentiating elements in your website will be strategic Visionary Explainer Animations or Visionary Live-Action Videos. 

This is vital in B2B Tech especially, because often you’ll have technical services you need to explain to non-technical decision-makers.

To understand how your video has such an impact, click the image below to see the website we built for CPDValet. It features a Visionary Explainer Animation on the Home page, and under 2 of the Services pages.


Your Visionary Video will be strategically crafted. Viewers in your target market will arrive at your website, read your website’s headline and be inspired to watch your video. This then entices them to learn more, which eventually has them requesting a call with your sales team. 

To learn more about how our Visionary script writers produce these results, check out our article:


It’s super-important that your Visionary Video is “above the fold” (visible at the top of the website without scrolling down). It can be implemented as a clearly visible “Play” button, or you can embed the whole video via YouTube or Wistia.


Attention Grabbing Headline and Sub-Headline

Headline writing is a science in itself.

Your website’s headline, and sub-headline, are one of the most critical “triggers” on your website.

Here are some general guidelines our copywriter will abide by when crafting your headline:

– The headline’s main function is to get the viewer interested enough to keep viewing your page or, ideally, to watch your Visionary Explainer Video for more information.

– It should address the viewer and the benefit they will receive while working with you  (don’t talk about features of your product). The most effective word in sales is “YOU”. Excellent headlines are focused on the viewer.

– The best headlines are very specific and highly relevant for your target market

– Where applicable, being specific or using statistics in headlines is effective as it quickly demonstrates proof and certainty.

– Continually test different headlines until you find the most effective one. Just one word change can have a big impact on your website’s success. Headline testing can be done through split tests, or even using paid advertising mediums like Facebook.

Here’s a good example from our project with Mpoints:


Above The Fold Call To Actions

Your Visionary Video will have a call to action at the end. Once you’ve inspired the viewer, tell them what to do IMMEDIATELY to take the next step in your sales process. 

It’s important to make this action as simple as possible by including the call to action above the fold. For example, you might implement the “BUY NOW” or “CONTACT US” button right next to the sales video’s “PLAY” button, so that as soon as the viewer watches your video, they can immediately take action.

We’ll make sure there are “Call To Action” buttons throughout your website. But the main Call To Action will be near the top of the page, and very clear for your website visitors to see.



Features and benefits checklist or long copy

Writing about the benefits of your product in a persuasive fashion is called “copywriting”. 

Copywriting is an art form in itself. 

Your Visionary copywriter will write up the benefits and details of your service on your website, and ensure there is a strategic plan behind every word. 

Here’s an example from our project with Sydney-based print agency, Z-CARD:

Here are some quick techniques we’ll use to dramatically improve the copywriting on your website:

– Research and preparation! This is the absolute most important step. We’ll understand your perfect clients’ psychology in DETAIL so that we can craft a website that speaks to them at a deep level.

– All good copywriting addresses the viewer directly. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on the features of your product or service – instead, focus on the viewer’s problems and how you solve them. Always remember, your website visitors are only thinking about themselves!

– Articulate the visitor’s problems (the ones that your service solves) better than they can themselves to build your authority.

– Don’t be humble. Have an EXCELLENT service, and ensure you are always over-delivering and delighting your clients. Then you can ethically be descriptive and extremely persuasive in all your copywriting, advertising and sales processes.

– DON’T be poetic or complex: Copywriting needs to be clear and easily readable. We’ll stay away from fancy wording and poetic devices. At the end of the day, your website visitors will be in business mode and looking for clear answers to their questions.



Navigation & Menu Design

When your website visitors get to your Home page, they’ll be looking for specific pieces of information. Or, we may want to strategically direct them to specific content, so that we can take them on a logical journey towards becoming a lead for your sales team.

The design of your menu, and overall website navigation, will be a key part of improving your website visitor’s experience.

Here’s an example from our project with Australian tech company, Access Intel:

As a general rule, we want to aim for no more than 3 clicks for a visitor to get to the content they want to see. We also want to ensure that when they get to the information they are looking for, they are also seeing other pieces of strategic content like testimonials, Call To Actions or deeper content.

This will be done effectively by understanding your perfect clients’ psychology and then putting ourselves in their shoes.

In Visionary websites, we add a “floating” menu (the menu stays visible as you scroll down the page), as well as a full navigation menu in the footer. This makes is easy for users to get to the information they want, regardless of where they are.



Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials are mandatory.

In the digital era, many companies are claiming greatness – so you need to be able to prove it to your website visitors. Be in the habit of getting testimonials from all of your clients – add it to your delivery process. 

Then show off those testimonials at all stages through your marketing and sales processes.

Testimonials should be clearly visible, and plentiful, on your website. At Visionary, we also include them in our portfolio, social media and all stages of our marketing and sales process.

If you’re interested in what a quality testimonial looks like, read through some of ours here:


Trust Elements

We are conditioned to NOT have initial trust when meeting a company online (or in person!). To increase the amount of trust your website visitors have for your company, here are a couple of things you can show on your website:

– The logos of reputable brands you have worked with or are partnered with.
– 1300 number to show you are a real, professional company.
– Your Portfolio or case studies: show off your work and your results.
– Blog: show that you are a thought leaders within your industry.
– Multiple Social Media channels: show that you are putting valuable content into the world and that you have a network of loyal followers.

If you take a look at the Visionary Digital Studios website, you’ll find every one of these elements:



Powerful Strategic Design

Our design team will use the most modern digital design techniques to make your website look appealing. We’ll take it a step further – we want your visitors to FEEL inspired when they get to your website.

But it’s very important to keep in mind – your website is designed to attract your perfect clients – and not necessarily for your tastes. So, while it’s important that you also love your website – our key focus will be on the designs that will inspire your audience.

Here’s an example from our project with MH Consulting & Services:

Here are some Design techniques The Visionary Team will use on your website:

Strategic Photo Selection: Often we’ll use people that your target market feels is “just like them”. Otherwise, we’ll just bright, emotive images.

Negative Space: often we’ll try to incorporate as much “empty” space as possible in your pages. The subconscious effect is that the viewer feels as if your service “speaks for itself”.

Shadows: Often we’ll incorporate shadows behind your website elements, so that they appear to pop out from the page in 3D

Animations: We’ll incorporate subtle movements on website elements, so that they slide in as the visitor scrolls, or they bounce when the mouse moves over them.

Efficient: One of the most important factors for successful websites is a fast load speed. Even milliseconds make a measurable difference in how users perceive your brand. So we’ll incorporate efficient designs – it’s not good practice to use designs that take a long time to load.



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