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How To Post Your Corporate Animated Video To Instagram

A few pro tips for uploading your Visionary video to Instagram:

  Video Length: The maximum video length for Instagram is 60 seconds. If your video is longer than this, you can still upload it, but Instagram will only display the first 60 seconds. We recommend including a link to the video on your website, or the Wistia “medias” link, within the comments of your Instagram post. In your post, also mention that you’re only posting the first 60 seconds of the video, and viewers can watch the full video on your website.

–   Subtitles: Most Instagram viewers will be using their mobile phone, which often doesn’t have easily accessible sound. So we recommend uploading the subtitles version of your video to Instagram so all users can get the message.

–   When to release: If you don’t know the best time to release your video, for your audience – a general rule is to post between 8 – 9am on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, for most views. Refer to CoSchedule’s article for more information on social media release times.


How to Upload your video to Instagram

1.  You’ll need your Visionary Project Manager to re-format the video for you in 720p (1280×720). Send them a quick email request for this, and refer to this article. Alternatively, simply download from Wistia a lower resolution file and send to your email.

2. Download the video to your mobile phone

3. Now you can upload to your Instagram in the normal way.

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