Paul Roddis, Director at Accenture said:

“The Visionary Team were great throughout the process and provided good clarity, structure and communication throughout the experience. A great outcome for us and easy to work with.”

Case Study


The Service

Quoted from the Code V Animation Script: “Accenture … We help businesses maximise their operational efficiency and productivity through the use of SAP Supply Chain solutions. Our team will help align your business processes with your SAP solution … So you’ll streamline operations and get insights required to analyse and predict performance of your warehouse’s physical movements – in real time.”


The Challenge

Accenture’s Icon Integration consulting arm needed a video to quickly present the value of their service to busy C-Level executives. Accenture are a Fortune Global 500 company, with Tier 1 clients, so it was critical the branding and design was top notch.

A key objective was to communicate what differentiates Accenture from its competitors. The Accenture team wanted to be able to send the video through to prospects before meeting them, so they would be pitching to a “warm” audience.

The video is designed to generate leads through requests for more information via Accenture’s online channels.


The Delivery

The Visionary Team worked with Accenture Director, Paul Roddis, to create a marketing tool that explains exactly what differentiates Icon from their competitors.

There is an element of fun in the graphic style and soundtrack we chose, to convey Accenture as a modern, engaging brand. Our designers made use of plenty of negative space throughout the video to sub-communicate premium service levels.

The video was designed to be launched through a targeted email campaign as well as being sent along with Accenture’s proposals.