Ben Atkins, ASF Audits Marketing Director said: “We’re a premium, award winning SMSF Auditing company. Our marketing assets need to reflect this level of professionalism and an industry leading brand. Visionary Digital Studios delivered the exact project we needed. The service was excellently organised, and the end result output was high quality. We’re alreay using the video across our Digital Marketing and Advertising campaigns and it’s improving our conversion rates and helping to bring in warmer leads for our sales team. Highly recommended!”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

ASF Audits has designed an audit engagement process that integrates with your clients’ funds in one single click. We call it smart design. Our clients call it “easy”. It all starts with your cloud based super software and our industry leading Audit Portal …



ASF Audits needed to present their new cloud software service to online prospects, as well as their current customers. The portal has rich functionality, but they wanted to express it in a way that the target audience could easily understand. As industry leaders, ASF Audits also wanted to explain exactly why their prospects should choose them over their competitors. The subject of auditing is usually dry, so we needed to convey the service in a way that showed off ASF Audits’ modern, exciting brand and approach to their craft.



The Visionary Team worked with ASF Audits’ Marketing Director, Ben Atkins to create an exciting video to explain the offering powerfully and generate leads online. We incorporated screenshots to show off the look and feel of the new cloud platform, and make it real in the eyes of the viewer. Clean, simple graphics combined with a modern, beat-driven soundtrack work to convey ASF Audits as an exciting market leader. The video was designed to be launched through a targeted email campaign, as well on their website, pay per click marketing campaigns and social channels.