Stu McGraw and David Geil, AVEM’s Co-Founder’s said: “Sanjay and the whole team at Visionary Digital Studios approached our project with a passion that is not seen every day. The effort taken to understand not only their requirements but also our industry and technology, definitely had a huge positive impact on the final product. … What they say on the side of the can is exactly what they deliver, a very rare trait in this day and age.

I’ve now got my eye out for the next opportunity to use the VDS Team, their products align nicely with AVEM insight’s vision and approach to customer. Looking forward to working with VDS in the near future. Mel’s enthusiasm is infectious – Loved this. The Project Management felt like it was on rails. VDS drove the customer (Stu and I) to maintain deadlines and meeting schedules.

A little bit of an authoritarian voice within the Project Management goes a long way to reassuring the customer that “You’ve got this”. Keep this up. Excellent communications. Great and genuine enthusiasm for what you do shows through at every touchpoint.”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“Are you fully confident in your wildlife management plan? If prevention planning is on your mind, you need the AVEM insight platform. AVEM insight brings together a wealth of wildlife hazard information, from air travel and biology organizations, all over the world.”



The Challenge: AVEM insight have a complex tech platform that they know produces massive value for their customers. The problem was – in their presentations and sales pitches, their prospects could understand the high level concept, but couldn’t understand how the platform would work and how it would bring benefits. Research was very important for this project, because the video needed to deliver a clear message for a very niche audience.



The video was designed to convey AVEM Insight as an established, cutting-edge tech platform. The message was key in this video. We really worked hard to understand the mindsets of the target audience and get a clear idea of what their current problems are, where AVEM would bring value to their lives, and how they spoke about their industry. As a tech startup, it was important AVEM’s video had X-Factor incorporated into the design and effects. The video will be shown to prospects at the start of sales meetings, as well as featuring on AVEM’s website and social media channels.