Troy Wollard, Bartco’s Managing Director said:
“The video is great! I love it. Thanks so much Visionary team.”

Case Study



Bartco Webstudio is a state-of-the-art software management solutions system, providing secure and convenient platforms to monitor and optimise a client’s assets. Whereas WebStudio™ is a web-based application that runs on highly secure cloud network, CurbSite™ Lite offers a free application that can be used for remote access and control. With features like real time communication, tracking system and server storage and accessible from any internet enabled computer or mobile, the platforms make business processes more potent, enable tailor-made reporting and drastically reduce error to save time.



The crux of the challenge was to promote both Bartco platforms, through potent scripting that remains simple and easy to digest. Managing multiple devices on the go (streamlining Road Traffic Equipment or Visual Management System, for instance) is difficult – the video explains how Bartco uniquely addresses the problem with their offering, in a way that their target market’s decision makers (C-Level Executives) can resonate with. Cutting edge graphics and effects are used to position Bartco as an industry leader throughout the video.



The Bartco team chose a VISIONARY style of animation with cutting-edge, customised and professional visual concepts to communicate their service. The animation, soundtrack, and voiceover convey their innovative, established brand, and were designed to appeal to an executive audience.