Louisa McSpedden (Global Enterprise Marketing Manager) and Spencer Ward (Sales & CS) from Data Republic said:

“Visionary Digital Studios helped us to create a how-to video within our budget to explain our technology platform. Sanjay was a pleasure to work with, happy to take on feedback and suggested edits. He also made sure we kept the ball rolling even when we had some unexpected stumbling blocks along the way. Incredibly easy to work with, made things very clear and defined good, aligned expectations. Would definitely recommend and work with VDS again.”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

“Welcome to “Senate”, Data Republic’s data collaboration, innovation and exchange platform. This platform allows organizations to collaborate on data projects. Data scientists can explore, create and train algorithms, derive insights, and synthesize new data products on the Senate platform.”



Data Republic have a complex, feature-rich online platform. Their users are often non-technical, but the platform itself completes complex data management tasks. Data Republic wanted a smooth, easy way for users to be introduced to the system. They wanted users to feel comfortable with using the software. Importantly, the videos needed to provide a way for users to self-serve with questions regarding platform functionality – rather than contacting the Data Republic service desk for help.



In this Visionary Software How-to Video, we’ve simplified the language and the functionality for Data Republic. The idea is that when users are first on-boarded they can watch the video to understand how the main parts of the platform should be used. The long video was also split up into separate modules, so that if users have trouble with specific functionality on the platform, they can just watch the relevant video. We’ve used sound effects and transition effects to keep the videos looking slick, to match the Data Republic brand.