Harry Morrow, Loftus Peak Portfolio Analyst said: “The team at Visionary are always a pleasure to work with. I think one of their greatest skills is the ability to take the ideas you have about your own company and product, and boil that down to a more easily digestible message about the benefits you offer your target market. This is second only to their passion for delivering good outcomes to clients – throughout the project, and in the ongoing support, it’s clear that quality and getting things right really matter”

Case Study


THE SERVICE (Quote from the "Code V" Video Script)

” So, at Loftus Peak our investment strategy ensures you’re invested where your world is headed, and gives you diversification away from the industries being disrupted”.



Loftus Peak required a video to explain the unique and highly valuable service that they offer to traditionally minded Financial Planners, and show them that investing with Loftus Peak isn’t complicated or risky. We needed to make experienced investors realise that they can rely on Loftus Peak when it comes to this new way on investing in where the world is headed. This was a high profile project, as Loftus Peak manage a 9 figure portfolio for very high profile investors.



This video was designed to be launched through LP’s social media channels as well as adding a point of difference to the Loftus Peak website. We used several different techniques to create a video that radiates knowledge, understanding and awareness of the future of investment and tech. Using a strong, trusted Voice Arist who spoke directly to the audience, meant we were able to make the audience feel safe with the technical nature of the information. During production, The Visionary Team used a combination of bold colours and shapes against a crisp white back ground, giving the video a sense of authority and power. The flow of the animation itself, from the plane flying across the screen to the different camera angles, keeps the audience engaged because they actually become part of the story telling journey.