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So, Are You A Visionary?

So, you’ve already worked out that you need an Explainer Video – nice work …

You’re losing potential customers because they just don’t understand the REAL value of your service. They’re choosing your competitors because you never give them the chance to understand the unique value proposition you provide. Perhaps, they simply don’t understand your offering.

Finally, you’ve come across the modern digital marketing phenomenon – Animated Explainer Videos.

The problem is – you’ve heard enough stories about digital companies not delivering on the value they promise. How can you be sure you’ll get any ROI? There are virtually unlimited marketing options available today – and many are cheaper options.

What you’re really wondering is: is a Visionary explainer video worth the investment? Or can you simply get the same product for cheaper, elsewhere?

The short answers – yes to the former, no to the latter.

While working with cheap companies, you’ll simply get an inferior deliverable, created at the lowest cost possible, in the most cookie-cutter fashion possible.

No strategy. No passion. No personal touch. No vision.

No results.

In contrast, at Visionary, we don’t just create a video for you. Our team will use your explainer video to revolutionise your marketing and branding. Here’s what you can expect while working with the Visionary team:

Industry-Leading Explainer Videos:

This one is easy. Notice the quality and detail of our animation, the emotion behind our voiceovers, the subtle sound effects, the compelling scripts. And don’t just believe us – check out the testimonials that our customers, now our friends, provide us after their projects.

Now, compare our videos with other companies.

Cheap videos convey your branding as cheap. If you’re a company looking to convey a premium, professional and established brand, cheap videos simply aren’t an option for you.

Subtitles Version Of Your Explainer Video

Our Animated Explainer Video package includes a subtitled version of your video, without additional charge!

This is important for using your video in sound-sensitive environments, such as at conferences and trade shows.

More importantly, a LARGE proportion of your viewers will be on mobile devices – and they often don’t have access to sound while watching your video.

Most social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram…) turn off sound by default.

So … having a subtitles version of your video is CRUCIAL to the success of your project!

Life-time video hosting on Wistia:

Our video hosting platform, “Wistia”, makes your videos look AWESOME when they are embedded in your websites and marketing channels, regardless of screen size and internet bandwidth. We can also use specialised Wistia functionality like embedded forms to capture your viewers’ email address directly through the video itself.

Monthly report for monitoring:

On request, we’ll provide a monthly report for 3 months after the video is released, so you can see how it’s performing and where your views are coming from. Based on the statistics coming out of the report, we also provide:

1 further revision after the final video is released to enhance results:

We’ll update the voiceover or the graphics as required for up to 3 months after your video is live. This allows you to make an update if your business evolves, respond to statistics shown in the monthly report or respond to feedback from your colleagues and viewers.

This is an ESSENTIAL benefit of working with Visionary, that cheap companies just cannot offer.

Website optimisation based on your video:

During the project, our team can show you how you can optimise your website for conversion, branding and sales using your new explainer video as the feature. We can optionally work with you to update your website sales copy for you, to ensure your visitors resonate not just with your new video, but all of the information on your site.

LinkedIn Optimisation based on your video script

Using your “Code V” high converting animation script, we’ll show you how to super-charge your team’s LinkedIn profiles, so that every team member has a LinkedIn profile that acts as an embedded salesman, reflecting your company as a market leader, and your staff as industry-leading professionals. Check out our Managing Director, Sanjay’s profile for an example of what this might look like for you.

Wrapping It All Up …

Don’t make the mistake of choosing anyone other than Visionary Digital Studios to produce your Animated Explainer Video.

Working with a cheap company will only mean stress and frustration due to ongoing communication issues, a deliverable that has no strategy behind it and a video that overall, conveys your company as average, or worse. Putting you back at the same place you started – looking for the next quick and cheap solution and getting nowhere.

This is how a professional Animated Explainer Video, which conveys a brand, inspires a targeted audience and generates results, should look:

Our mission is to connect with other visionaries, and bring their ideas out into the world. If you rate your product or service as premium, if you’re better than your competitors, if you deserve a place as DOMINANT in your marketplace …

… let us show you how a Visionary Animated Explainer Video project can revolutionise your business.

Sanjay Shah, Managing Director, Visionary Digital Studios Pty Ltd

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