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The 7 Elements Of Highly Successful Websites

Not all websites are created equal.

While look and feel is important for all websites, there are a few “triggers” that all of the most highly effective websites have. By effective, we mean websites that RESONATE with a visitor, and inspire them to take an action, whether that be to press that “BUY NOW” button, to submit their email to a contact form or to contact your sales team.

A website isn’t just information about your company. It should be setup as a potent advertisement that actively sells your product or service. To do this effectively, here are the most critical “triggers” you must include within your website:

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1) Animated Explainer Video

Of course, we believe the most critical element in a website is a quality, strategic Animated Explainer Video. If you’re still not sure about this – check out the statistics below, taken from various independent studies …


Your explainer video needs to be strategically and professionally crafted. Viewers in your target market that arrive at your website should immediately watch your video, and then be inspired to take an action, whether it be buying your product or speaking to your sales team. To see how our Visionary script writers produce these results, check out our “Secret Code V Script Writing Formulas”.

It’s super-important that your explainer video is “above the fold” (visible at the top of the website without scrolling down). It can be implemented as a clearly visible “Play” button (we have a variety to choose from, speak to your Visionary Project Manager!), or you can embed the whole video via YouTube or Wistia.

2) Attention Grabbing Headline and Sub-Headline

Headline writing is a science in itself.

Your website’s headline, and sub-headline, are one of the most critical “triggers” on your website, and can make or break it’s effectiveness. Here are some general guidelines to abide by:

– The headline’s main function is to get the viewer interested enough to keep viewing your page or, ideally, to watch your sales video for more information.

– It should address the viewer and the benefit they will receive while working with you – NOT the features of your product. The most effective word in sales is “YOU”. Excellent headlines are focused on the viewer.

– Where applicable, being specific or using statistics in headlines is effective as it quickly demonstrates proof.

– Continually test different headlines until you find the most effective one. Just one word change can have a big impact on your website’s success. Headline testing can be done through split tests, or even using paid advertising mediums like Facebook.

3) Above The Fold Call To Action

All professional explainer videos will have a call to action at the end. Once you’ve inspired the viewer, tell them what to do IMMEDIATELY to take the next step in your sales process. It’s important to make this action as easy as possible by including the call to action above the fold. For example, you might implement the “BUY NOW” or “CONTACT US” button right next to the sales video’s “PLAY” button, so that as soon as the viewer watches your video, they can immediately take action.

Better still – speak to your Visionary Project Manager about embedding the call to action DIRECTLY INTO your video for enhanced results.

4) Features and benefits checklist or long copy

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Writing about the benefits of your product in a persuasive fashion is called “copywriting”. Copywriting is an art form in itself. The Visionary Team’s scriptwriters, for example, are professional copywriters – their careers are dedicated to the art-form.

If at all possible, you should also have a professional copywriter write up the benefits of your service on your website, and ensure there is a strategic plan behind every word. Here are some quick tips you can use to dramatically improve the copywriting on your website:

– All good copywriting addresses the viewer directly. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on the features of your product or service – instead, focus on the viewer’s problems and how you solve them. Always remember, your website visitors are only thinking about themselves!

– Articulate the visitor’s problem (the one that your product solves) better than they can themselves to build your authority.

– Include as many statistics as possible, from reputable sources, to build credibility.

– Don’t be humble. Have an EXCELLENT product, and ensure you are always over-delivering and delighting your clients. Then you can ethically be descriptive and extremely persuasive in all your copywriting, advertising and sales processes.

– Hire a professional – a professional copywriter can REVOLUTIONISE your website and marketing funnels with some simple website changes.

5) Minimal links or options

Where possible, keep your website as simple as you can. A strategically designed website will always be encouraging visitors to take the next step in the sales process, whether that be to submit their email, call your sales team or press the “BUY NOW” button. The less options for your visitors, the better. By having fewer links and menu options available, there are less distractions for the visitor – encouraging them to take the desired course of action.

6) Testimonials

Testimonials are mandatory.

In the digital era, many companies are claiming greatness – so you need to be able to prove it to your website visitors. Be in the habit of getting testimonials from all of your clients – add it to your delivery process. Then show off those testimonials at all stages through your marketing and sales processes.

Testimonials should be clearly visible, and plentiful, on your website. At Visionary, we also include them in our portfolio, as well as our LinkedIn profiles and proposals.

7) Trust Elements

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We are conditioned to not have initial trust when meeting a company online (or in person!). To increase the amount of trust your website visitors have for your company, here are a couple of things you can show on your website:

– The logos of reputable brands you have worked with.
– 1300 number to show you are a real, professional company.
– Your Portfolio or case studies: show off your work and your results.
– Blog: show that you are a thought leaders within your industry.
– Multiple Social Media channels: show that you are putting valuable content into the world and that you have a network of loyal followers.

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