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Powerful Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools ever invented for business’s to make their impact in the world.

When Social Media marketing is done right, it has the following impacts:

– Attracts perfect clients

– Indoctrinates staff, vendors, stakeholders and everyone else around the business into your brand and your vision

– Reduces the sales cycle time by continually educating prospects as they make buying decisions

– Attracts referrals and other opportunities from everyone within your network. (Often you’ll be surprised by this impact!)

But the technology is only a few years old, and rapidly evolving. So, many business owners just haven’t had the time to leverage this powerful tool to its full potential. 

When The Visionary Team are working on your Social Media Marketing, here are the main strategies and mindsets we’ll use to ensure you get the most powerful results possible from your Social Media presence.

Understanding How Social Media Marketing Works


The flow of a viewer’s attention

When a viewer is on social media, often they are in what we call a “durrrr” state!

They aren’t really conscious. They’re just scrolling the newsfeed, only half paying attention. What stops them and captures their attention is a powerful image that stands out. So, often we’ll use your Visionary Explainer Video scenes as the post image, because this will stand out amongst every thing else in the newsfeed.

Once a viewer’s attention is captured, they are more likely to read the copy (text) of the post.

Post Frequently!

In this age, there are MANY social media posts being released every second, constantly competing for your target market’s attention. So it’s important to release posts frequently, with the understanding that most of your audience won’t see every post. This also means you can repeatedly launch the same posts every month or so without having to worry about boring your audience.

Awareness and Education

The main point of posting to social media is to educate your audience and build awareness. While they are considering buying your service, your content should be continuously educating them and allowing them to build trust with your brand and your ideas.

When done right, when it’s time for them to make a buying decision – because they have seen so much of your content – they will be able to trust your sales team and your staff.

“Visionary Content Calendar”  

To support your team in posting frequently, The Visionary Team will create a Visionary Content Calendar” for you, that looks like this (feel free to download this template!). This is a Google Sheet filled with content and images that you can repeatedly schedule to Social Media.

Having a central Google Sheet like this allows your team to edit and add to your posts over time, as you get feedback from your audience, and as your services evolve. The idea is that you can use a Content Scheduling tool like “HootSuite” to periodically re-schedule all your posts.

This ensures you’ll always have a social media presence, with the latest version of the content produced by your team. And you wont have to log on to every social media platform every day to make it happen.

Outside of your Content Calendar, you can also launch one-off posts to your social platforms as you please.

Create Content For Your “Perfect” Clients

Content should be written for your perfect clients. Don’t try to impress everyone! Write to the pain points, benefits and mindsets of your perfect clients. Use THEIR language and their words (not yours!). Aim to teach them what they need to learn about your services.

Over time, this will have the profound impact of attracting the perfect clients into your business – while also repelling the people that aren’t a good fit.

Types Of Content To Post

It’s always good to launch different types of content to your Social Media feeds. Different people will respond to, and be more comfortable, different forms of content.

As a general rule,  The Visionary Team will create the regular social media posts that you can repeatedly schedule. Then, on top of that, your team can schedule adhoc posts and content as you produce them.

Here are the types of content your should launch to your Social Media feeds:

– General educational posts

– Testimonials

– Videos 

– Examples of your work

– Behind the scenes photos and videos

– News and announcements

Rules For Writing Quality Social Media Posts


Don’t Be Too “Sales-y”

Your Social Media posts should aim to educate your audience about your service and the problems you can help them with. Sales-focussed messages should be rare.

Even Call To Action’s like “click here now” or “Contact Us” should usually be left out, to keep your posts casual.

On Social Media, the focus will be to give value to your audience.

Text Spacing

As a general rule, each paragraph in your post should be 1 – 3 lines long at the most. This makes it very easy and casual for your viewer to read.

It has the impact of keeping your reader engaged until the end of the post.

Users on social media aren’t in the state of mind to read long complex paragraphs of text!

Make It About Them, Not You

Like all excellent copywriting (online marketing text) – your posts should be focused on your viewers and their pain points and benefits. You should be saying “you” in your posts, much more often than you say “our” or “we”.

Remember your audience doesn’t really care so much about you. They really  care about themselves and the value your business could bring them!

How Does This Look In The Real World?

See plenty of examples of Social Media Posts we’ve created for Visionary clients below:

[ Visionary “Code V” Content – EXAMPLES ]

And finally, always remember – mastering Social Media Marketing is a journey which brings increasing returns over time.

Because Social Media is a relatively new area of marketing, and because digital technology is evolving so fast – there are no hard and fast rules. 

As long as you are launching regular content, and then adapting to your audience’s responses … you will achieve success over the long run.

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