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Why Today’s Tech Companies Use Video Instead Of Text To Communicate Their Message

“One minute of video conveys the value of 1.8 million words”

– Dr James McQuivey, Forrester

I love this study.

It beautifully sums up the way I feel about video marketing and encapsulates why we do what we do here at Visionary.

Quality video captures the imagination in a way that written marketing materials don’t. They’re simply more engaging and flexible than pretty much every other digital asset out there.

And we have the data to back that up.

Let’s take a look at some of the science behind video, marketing’s most engaging medium.

Video jolts an audience to attention

Ever tried to have a conversation with someone who was watching TV!?

It’s extremely frustrating.

You’re likely to find their attention wandering after only a few seconds.

According to Dr. Susan Weinschenk, people “always pay attention to movement and noise” – it’s a big part of our self-preservation and social instincts. The constant movement and sound produced by video makes it extremely difficult to ignore. Posts with visuals (http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/storytelling-with-images/) see a 180% improvement in engagement over posts without them.

Video creates an emotional connection

One of the great things about videos is that they can be fully customised to suit your target market. Everything from the music and colours to the character design and tone of your video can be carefully optimised to capture the imagination.

This is especially crucial when it comes to building a lasting emotional connection with customers. The flexibility of animation allows us to capture an entire spectrum of emotion; from nostalgia, to humour and fun, frustration, or even sadness.

Whatever your audience is feeling about their particular situation, animation allows us to capture that feeling and reflect it back at the viewer, helping to build a lasting, empathetic relationship.

Check out this effect in our Wine My Way video example below:

Video enhances understanding

Studies show that up to 95% of information communicated by video is retained, compared to only 10% of information communicated through text.

Video Enhances Understanding

This is because animated videos allow for a range of different input media, including text, images, voice, sound, and social modes of communication like facial expressions and gestures. Visual processing is faster than linguistic processing and takes place in 1/10th of a second.

Moreover, video taps into an emotional level of communication more readily than text, making it quicker and easier to digest.

Video is super shareable

The entertainment factor should never be underestimated when it comes to marketing materials.

Audiences will be more motivated to share entertaining videos because the positive vibes they inspire are likely to reflect well on them as sharers.

Moreover, videos are easy to digest, requiring very little work on behalf of the viewer. They’re a quick, simple way to brief others on products and value propositions, making them great for sharing within the office or with busy stakeholders.

See it in action …

Check out the link below if you’d like to see some examples of entertaining and highly shareable animated explainer videos:


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