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Why Explaining Your Service POWERFULLY Is Critical For Your Success

When we meet new clients at Visionary, sometimes they don’t yet understand the power of professional marketing to completely revolutionise their business …

Conveying your products and services in a way that your prospects truly understand is CRITICAL for your success.

When I say “understand”, I don’t just mean logically. I mean at a deep emotional level.

A level that inspires buying decisions.

In the modern age, almost all services have already been commoditised to some extent. So the power belongs to your prospects who quickly and easily compare you with your competitors online, before making a buying decision.

So if you don’t convey your offering as powerfully as possible, you’ll lose sales, regardless of whether you are the best fit to help that prospect.

Offering Powerfully


Your service is simply better than your competitors, right?

If your service is more professional, and more valuable than your competitors … If your vision is to be a leader in your industry …  

Then chances are you have competitors that are providing MUCH LESS service and inferior value than you, and therefore charging much cheaper prices.

So if your prospects don’t understand the REAL value your business can bring them, they won’t choose you. They’ll go with your cheaper competitor. And everyone loses (well, except your cheap competitor!).

On the other hand – if you’re providing unique value and setting yourself apart from others in your industry … Not only in the service you deliver but also in your processes, staff, customer experiences and branding … Your cheaper competitors actually make your service MORE rare and MORE valuable in your industry.

Innovative, professional companies like to work with other innovative professionals.

Working With Innovative professionals

So, the more accomplished clients in your target market will RESONATE with your brand IF it’s expressed in the right way.

Powerful stuff …

How Do You Convey Your Service In A Way That Inspires Buying Decisions?

The key is to know your prospect.

A timeless sales and marketing adage states that if you can articulate your prospect’s problems better than they can themselves, they will naturally assume you have the solution.

But this isn’t just a sales “trick”. If you’ve really taken the time to understand your prospects at a deep level – then you should authentically understand how to provide them the most possible value.

Your service will be specifically designed for their needs in every way possible.

And if you have that much passion and enthusiasm to help your prospects – your cheaper competitors simply won’t be able to compete.

When you are communicating your service in a way that conveys a deep understanding of your prospect, every prospect you meet will feel an EMOTIONAL connection with your brand.


Inspire Buying Decisions

How Well Do You Understand Your Prospects?

Nearly every client we speak to at Visionary has an answer when we ask them to describe their perfect customer! But it’s very rare they understand their prospects with an adequate level of detail.

At Visionary, we call this detail “Specificity”.

To be successful, you need to be aware of much more than just your prospect’s company size and revenue.

Here’s some examples of other aspects a professional marketing agency will consider:

 – Who are the key decision makers as individuals?

 – Why do they do their work? What do they want to experience in their life?

 – What frustrations are they feeling on a day to day basis?

 – What words and phrases do they use in their business life?

 – What is the deep, underlying emotional reasons for their business frustrations?

 – If you solved these frustrations, how would their life change? How would their  family be impacted? How would their vision be realised?

 – What alternative solutions are they considering?

 – Who else influences their decisions?

 – Where do they get their knowledge and advice?

 … and way too many more questions to include in one article!

Frame Your Offering In A Way That Speaks To The Problems and Desires of your prospect

At Visionary, we use a set of techniques and formulas to create super-effective marketing – we’ve collectively named this framework “Code V”.

“Code V” is how we craft strategic video scripts for our clients. But it’s also the framework we use to design our website, landing pages, LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns and, well, everything else.

Above all, “Code V” ensures that we are always thinking about our customers and how we bring value to THEIR lives … Instead of focussing on ourselves and what we think is great about our products.

See a simplified version of our “Code V” formulas here , for some key tips on how to convey your offering in the most powerful way.

How Does This All Come Together?

If you’re reading this far into the article … chances are YOU are part of our target market!

… one of the people our product is specifically designed to help.

If you’re nodding your head (even on the inside!) as you read the article, it’s because we’ve worked hard to understand business owners just like you, and how we can best serve you.

That’s the impact of great marketing.

Make no mistake, marketing is a key differentiator between average businesses and industry leaders.

For an example of how these principles are implemented in our Corporate Video production projects, we’ve broken down the exact marketing science and techniques behind the Visionary Digital Studios Animated Explainer Video here:

 Visionary Digital Studios Animated Explainer Video Script

And if you’d like to see plenty of our client examples, and learn more about their experiences, check out more examples of our projects here!


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